Monday, August 22, 2011

Touring Panama

Here are some pictures of some of Austin's various areas that he labored in.  Will Add captions later.

This is the metro bus, gimme a ride bus, and village attraction.  Everyone takes this bus everywhere and it usually costs about 10 to 25 cents if riding within the city.  People will flag it down no matter where they are and the bus will stop and pick them up.  I have never seen this bus without standing room only.

Austin's home in Arraijan.

Visitng the home of the Gonzalez family in Santa Librada, where Austin baptized little 8 year old Fernando Gonzalez.
Visiting a family in Santa Librada.  When we showed up, Justin (in black) jumped all over Austin in excitement.  His grandmother (shown) is a butcher by trade and was the primary cook for him and other missionaries in the ward.
8 year old Fernando Gonzalez

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