Monday, August 22, 2011

More Touring and Eating

These taxis are a dime a dozen in every town.  Everybody drives a cab it appears.  We went into one town and there must have been literally about 50 cabs or more that operate only within the town limits.

This the same type of canoe Austin used frequently while assigned to the San Blas Islands.  He said it was a very tiring task to paddle up and down the river, his mode of transportation between Islands.

We spent most of the day today in Portobelo, a historic city in the northern Pacific Coast where Gold that was stolen from many ships, were stored and prepared for transfer to Spain.

While in Portobelo, we saw a couple of Kuna women selling their handmade patterns that Lisa just had to have.  They were gracious enough to take a picture with us--for a dollar per picture.
On the way back down to Panama City just outside of Portobello, we stopped by this "hole in the wall" place called Las Dos Anclas (Two Anchors) for lunch.  It was the best lunch we had and again, the prices were unbeatable.  Lisa had a Spiny Lobster (pound and a half) for $25; Austin had Squid in Lime sauce for $9, and I had a whole Red Snapper fried to perfection for $12.  The food was to die for.
On the way home, we stopped by a roadside fruit stand and had to try Mamon, a very sweet and sour fruit that was highly recommended by the Mission President.  It is a fruit that grew on large trees and often grown wild.  You bite open the soft shell and the fruit looks like a white grape.  We bought some at one stand for 10 per dollar, and in another place for 7 for 25 cents. 

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