Monday, August 8, 2011

M:99/P88: Last Week, Almost Home

Hola Familia,
Hmmm, I guess that this really is the last week, isn`t it?  It`s kind of weird because some missionaries, like Elder Hillstrom, my zone leader, have already mentally prepared for being home in three days but I still have to go through a tad more even though I`m basically done.
So to start this all off, I was able to find out that I will be moved closer.  I`ll be living with the secretaries in the city for a week and working in the office until you guys get in.  As for anything special, there should be an interview, a dinner with president and an optional trip to the temple afterwards.  That is all that I`m aware of.  The norm here is that missionaries finish the first Wednesday of the new transfer and leave the very next morning.
As for Spencer, I`m somewhat surprised that he`s returning to his mission so quickly.  A tad more so to hear he may have a prospective girl down there.  I don`t know about Peru, but I feel confident in saying I won`t have anything like that down here in Panama.  I look forward to figuring out all sorts of stuff about his mission when we`re rooming together.  It`ll be weird living in the lower building, though.  I had already sort of mentally prepared to live in the taller one.
As for the car, my companion is a car junky.  He actually has a Mustang that his dad and he restored together.  He says its a pretty good model although I suppose he`d have to actually look at the car to tell you everything.  I thought that Braden had already gotten a car before.
As for your job fair, I wish you the best of luck.  I wouldn`t at all be pleased to hear about you not living close to home.  Liesy needs the father figure while she`s growing up.  I`m curious to see how it all goes.  Just remember, this job is to support the shopaholics, so, pick a winner!
As for the talk, I`ll start assembling something out here.  I don`t think it`ll be hard to ramble on for twenty minutes about a two year long experience.  I definitely wouldn`t say that I`m quite the scriptorian that you were, though, Dad.  Out here, no one knows the scriptures that well.  A lot of people aren`t that familiar with the Bible even though they say it`s the book they worship out of.
Now I`ve got a nasty little confession to make and its about the photos.  First, I don`t take that many.  I think we established that.  Now the really bad part is that basically all (the first 18 months of my mission) my pictures could be unaccessable.  I`ve technically got them but I can`t seem to get to them.  That might put a damper on the whole missionary memory book thing.  I`ll explain when you guys get here.
As for our week, well, Dad.  I`ve thought about what to do with you guys.  Here`s the thing: We`ve got touristy things we can do and we`ve got missiony things we can do.  If we do missiony things, you all will probably be a tad bored.  Because Panamanians like to speak and they don`t "espeaka da inglish" usually.  So I don`t know if you want to just go around doing visits to people I knew here.  I`m really bad at planning trips like this, so, just let me know, do you want to see the tourist Panama or the missionary Panama?  Also, if you want to go to Blas, it`s do-able.  But it will cost you a tad, especially if we don`t plan ahead.  And it might require that you all sleep a night on the island.
Well, Dad, Mom, it`s been a really strange two years.  I think you`ll understand what I`m getting at when you get here.  There really isn`t another place like Panama, I think.  It`s a tad overwhelming to think that I`m finally moving on with my life.  I`m sure we`ll have a lot to talk about when you get here.  I`ll be waiting eagerly to write you back for the last time.
Your Elder in Panamà,

Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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