Monday, August 1, 2011

M:98/P:87: Last Full Transfer Gone

Hola Familia,

Well. Another week down leaving only two weeks left before I'm back in my family's custody. It is very weird thinking about that. Today in our district meeting one of the zone leaders cried. He'll be home in a week and I think it's really dawning on him that the ride is finally over. I don't know if I'll cry but it does feel weird being that close to coming home. I tell you what, though, I think I'd freak out the entire mission if I cried for my last testimony. I've worked up the reputation as being too cool for school, so I don't think they'd believe it if they saw it. It's not uncommon to hear people joke about how emotion-less I am.
Mom, I hope that your knee isn't too messed up. Mine's been bothering me a tad out here the last couple days. Has the condition of your knee generally improved? It's not purple like the last time, is it?
Girl's camp, huh? So, does that mean Dez and Riss won't hear about the letter until they get back? I read Dez's talk and I'm pretty impressed. I think I'd cringe at the talks I wrote up when I was her age. I remember I read that bit I wrote to get into BYU-I and about lost it thinking that I used to write like that. Anywho, good talk, Dez.
Speaking of talks, I guess that means I'll be due for one in a couple weeks, right? Should I prepare something? I ought to have somewhere in the lines of, what, twenty to twenty five minutes? After serving a mission, talks no longer scare me at all!
As for musical numbers in Panamà, it depends on which ward you go to. Some parts of the country generally tend to be more musical than others. Generally, though, the wards are not very musical and musical numbers are a rarity, especially for a normal nothing-particularly-special Sunday. So I think they would really appreciate it, especially if the ward knows me. As for the keyboard issues, it depends from ward to ward. I would say that the majority of the areas I`ve been to have the keyboards you described  (modern electronic pianos with the hyms already preprogrammed) or worse or pianos that have a couple iffy keys. So, I think the only buildings that would be able to supply you with a piano in good condition would be Arraijan. Unless we go to a ward I wasn't in, which is a possibility.
I looked through your photos and was thoroughly amused to see you all having fun without me. I didn't even know that you were going to Seaworld. I will say that I might fumble up names when I get home. Some of those cousins aren't as familiar as I remember and names begin to escape me.
Now, as for the homecoming stuff with technology and school and the whatnot, I'm thrilled (and I think my companion a bit more than me in an envious way) to hear that you all are willing to give me that much. Dad, do you really intend on giving me your Droid? I mean, we both remember what I did with my last phone. Nothing! I might not need a lot of extras. You sure you want to give me that? I mean if you got your eyes on a new model and this is just a convenient "charity" to leave yourself a reason to upgrade, I won't complain.
As for the xbox, FREE? They just gave you an XBox (with the purchase of a computer $699 or more)? And they'd be willing to just give me one, too? That strikes me as particularly strange but I'm certainly game. I will also take you guys up on the Nazi zombie game.
Let's see . . . I feel like there was something else that I was going to write about . . . but I can't seem to recall what it was. Well, this will be my last real week as a not-third-wheel-useless missionary I think and I'm going to try to work well and go out strong. I look forward to seeing you all soon. 'Til next week!
Your Elder in Panamà,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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