Monday, August 15, 2011

M:100/P89: My Last Letter

Hola Familia,

Well.  This is it; this is the last letter home.
Well, although I've still got to work here a couple more days, it's kinda weird to be at this point.  But I think I've already covered that, so, I'll leave it alone.  I look forward to seeing you all again.
As for what I've been up to for the last week, I've been in the office.  Most of my time here is actually spent being surprisingly productive.  I just do random errand-y organizing tasks here and there's a remarkable amount of just random things that the office elders have to put up with.  And when we're not in the office we're out and about contacting and teaching people.  All I'll say about teaching in the city is that it is weird to contact people via intercoms set up at humongous luxury homes.  I've been so used to walking about poorer neighborhoods that I feel really weird ringing doorbells of million-dollar homes.
As for the kids driving you crazy, Mom, I'm sorry for having been one of them.  I'll try to help Dez and Liesy drive you less crazy.
Now, about our plans, I'll try to get an idea for how we'll do this.  Most of what you've suggested sounds fine and I'll probably follow those guidelines pretty closely.  However, if you want to pass by San Blas, there's a couple things that you should know.  There are two ways to get to Blas, plane and boat.  Planes are generally taken from Panama City.  Boats are taken from the Atlantic coast, usually from Portobelo or Colon Centro.  If you only want to drive around, first, it's going to be a semi-long drive.  Second, I don't know if you'll see much.  If you want to actually go to Blas, you'd either have to try and get plane tickets or boat tickets. is the website that we use to book plane tickets.  If you try to do that, get a plane going to Corazon de Jesus.   If that doesn't work, we'd have to go by boat and I'm not sure how that works, really.  I'll call the Blas Elders to find out how it works.  If you want me to do anything in particular, send me an e-mail; I'll be monitoring my e-mail here in the office.
As for your get together up there, it sounds like your old friends enjoyed themselves.  I wonder what kind of stories they told about you.
I'll see you on Friday, Mom and Dad.  I love you.
Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura
PS: We will be traveling to Panama to pick him up from his mission and will return home on 24 August.  We will have 2 post mission entries after this, 1 will be to show pictures from Austin's Mission--the ones we will take since he confessed he did not take many pictures, and then from his airport arrival and homecoming party.  Stay tuned.

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