Wednesday, July 27, 2011

M97/P86: Two Weeks and Counting

Hey, everyone!

I´m glad to hear you´re all enjoying your vacation out there.  I gotta say, I think it would have been funny to watch Mom in the haunted house and Liese in Disneyland (last Saturday).  I suppose I´ll get my chance to see that stuff when I get home, right?  I really do want to see how much Liese behaves like me.

Well, the week has been an uneventful one out here.  Once again, our teaching pool looks like it´ll be taking a nose dive.  It´s a very difficult task to get people to come to church in this country.  It always seems like everything tries to set itself up against you.  We´ve got a couple baptismal dates up right now but if things continue as they have ´til now, I don´t think they´ll be baptized while I´m here.  I will say that it gets hard to continue working this close to the end.  I´m really making my companion trunky (surreal feeling a missionary gets about going home as he approaches the end of his mission).  He hates me for it.  But we still get a good laugh out of how much I rub it in whenever he gives me crap for something.

Well, with my return so close, I´d like to get an idea for some of the things I´ll have to take care of when I get home.  First off, Idaho leave date.  When do I have to be present in Idaho?  I´d like to know how much of a break I´ll get before I go back to the grind.  Second, what am I going to have to do to get my new driver´s license?  Third, do I still have that old black laptop I took with me to Idaho the first time?  If you don´t know, don´t worry about it; it´s probably in my Tupperware with all my stuff.  If I don´t have it, does that imply that I get a new laptop?  I gotta know what I´m going to have to work with, know what I´m saying?  Fourth, do we have any ideas on what I´ll be doing in terms of a phone or car?  Or are we going to wait ´til I get home to get involved with that stuff?

Well, truth be told, I don´t know what else I can write about.  I feel like I haven´t written anything today.  I love you all and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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