Monday, July 18, 2011

M:96/P:85: Over the Last Hump

Hola Familia,

 I don´t know if there´s much I can comment on the matter, but I´m glad to hear the funeral went as well as it did.  Relatively dramaless and without open scandals, right? 

Yeah, I might not have guessed that Grandpa was such a prankster (referring to a story told during the Eulogy).  The mission has made it very apparent that I don´t know very much about lots of my family.  I´ll probably start fixing that error when I get back.  I also wasn´t aware that Grandpa was military, even for such a short term of 18 months.

From the photos, all I can really say is that I´m going to feel very silly when I get home.  I´m beginning to realize that there are names that I have forgotten and faces that I do not recognize anymore.  Dallas Cowboys (referring to the stature of the grandsons who served as pall bearers during Grandpa's funeral)?  Yeah, I could see that.  I might not be any bigger than any of the Jansma boys now.  I also see Braden there eyeing your hat.  Is he making plans for his future uniform?

I hope you enjoy your vacation trips without me!  But don´t worry, in just four and a half weeks you´ll be with me again.  And then I can prepare to leave for college without yet another vacation!  But seriously, I hope you guys enjoy Newport.  I´m sure you´ll have fun with the Harwood girls, Dad.

I´m sort of happy to hear that Grandpa isn´t in the condition he was any more.  It really is a shame that I couldn´t get back to tell him about this place (Panama), but I´m sure he´ll be watching for the last stretch.  In any case, Mom, whatever our disagreements in the matter are, we must learn to get past them.  Some recommended gospel reading, Elder Boyd K. Packer´s talk in last conference.  I hope you all enjoy your last trips without me, because I´ll soon be back to muss it all up again.

As for things out here, my companion got sick this week.  Watching him get out of bed and go to the bathroom that many times makes me a little more thankful for not having had as many health complications out here as some missionaries.  I´m feeling really weird out here.  I´ve just grown so used to the conditions of this country that I´m not sure I´ll readjust as well as I´d hoped.  I´m going to feel like such a weirdo back in the States.

I wish you all the best of luck in your vacations and hope you all stay out of trouble.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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