Monday, July 11, 2011

M:95/P:84: 3 More Weeks Left of this Transfer

Hola Familia,

It´s a pity I won´t see Grandpa again when I get home but I´m happy to hear he´s off to the next phase of life (Lisa's father passed away of Parkinson's Disease on Sunday, July 9th).  Things like this make us very appreciative of having the fullness of the gospel, don´t they?

As for your military career, I´ll see if I can send Elder Hutchinson a copy of that e-mail next week.  I´ll try to locate him and ask for his e-mail this week.  He tells me that his strength, despite his very short and stocky build, is in the run.  He´s always just had the stamina for it.  I can´t remember the specifics on all the scores he nailed, but I remember telling me he almost got a 327.  He was twenty seconds slow on the run so he couldn´t make the perfect score.  He must have had a 297 as well, I imagine.  He´s considering heavily going active duty and his unit actually got deployed right as he came out to the mission.  They might have deployed a second time.  Right now, he´s in the 19th Special Forces Support Unit.  He´s considering going green beret, as well, but is hesitant on the matter.

Braden in his new apartment already?  I don´t blame him for not wanting to share all the utilities with the rest of the group.  It´s not exactly as respectful of Braden´s own space as he probably prefers.  He wants a car?  I thought he already had one.  Whose car was he leaning on in that photo he sent me on the digital album?  If he still wants to be a doctor, he´ll probably be alright with all his expensive tendencies.

As for health, it turns out that that was the exact reason I was pulled out of Blas.  And, no, I don´t think E. Hutchinson will go back to Blas.  Not only would he probably go crazy on that island but I already know who our replacements are and they should already have a week or two on the island.  But, no, I have heard no news on my lab results, so I assume that there is nothing abnormal.  I´m fine, I feel pretty alright, and I have noticed no strange health developments since then.  So, there shouldn´t be anything to worry about right now.

As for Chitré, I´ll tell you a little about it.  It´s the edge of the interior of the country.  Which is to say that it´s a lot of farmlands.  Chitré is a lot safer than the city so I could probably just walk around with my camera everywhere and not get robbed.  I´ll try to do that.  Being a little further from the city, the culture here is still pretty well rooted and not so influenced by other countries.  Chitré itself is actually pretty civilized, though, so I´ve got all the stores and whatnot that I could need.  Other parts surrounding it become more and more rural the farther out you get.

I´m trying to think if there´s anything else that I wanted to mention . . . I don´t think so.  I love you all and also look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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