Monday, July 4, 2011

M:94/P:83: Assignment 9: Chitre

Hola Familia,

Alright, family, well, first things first, I´ve been sent to the Chitré zone to the area, Chitré 2. Here, missionaries don´t go to the office for their last transfer. I thought I might go in for my last seven days, but missionaries always spend their last transfer in a proselyting area unless they´re Assistants.

Chitré looks to be a lot more rural but it´s still pretty civilized out here. Reminds me a lot of Oregon, truth be told. The branch here is sizable and the areas in this zone are absolutely massive. I´m really not sure what to expect from this place.

As for my health, I have not heard back from the office, yet, on my health. They should get a call when it gets back if I have anything to worry about. I imagine that with all the antibiotics I´ve been on and with how much I´ve been drinking my infection is taken care of. As for my skin infections, all of them were basically healed up when I got back to the city. I´ve been on more antibiotics and don´t have any itching problems except from the new mosquito bites from my new area. I´m on Celestamine right now. I don´t know how many antibiotics I´ve gone through now, though.

I thought a lot about that movie, the Rundown (referring to the warning 'the rock' received before swimming in the river), while I was undergoing this whole ordeal, man (urinary tract infection). One of the first things I plan to do when I get home is just head in to a doctor´s office and just have him scan and examine everything just to make sure I have no fun health "surprises".

When someone gets assigned to San Blas, it doesn´t really matter how much time one has. He was the senior companion because he knew the ropes of living on the island. We did do some proselyting but most of the island is either baptised or doesn´t want to be. The island is very small and missionaries have been on that island for some twenty to thirty years. A lot of the work out there is reactivation.

As for classes, we´ll figure it out when I get back. It sounds like that´s the same class though. As for Prof. Wightman, that´s not the guy I had last time, so, I´m thinking this time will go smoother.

I´m sorry to hear that Grandpa´s condition has taken a bit of a nosedive. In the case I don´t get to see him again, I´ve already sort of mentally prepared for it. I hope he feels half-decent, in any case.

Disability? Trying to milk it for all it´s worth, huh Dad (referring to Mike's Army retirement physical exams to determine how much damage the Army has caused him)? Well, you´ve put in your time, right? Best of luck getting the nice parking. Ah, just remembered, what PT (Army Physical Fitness Test) score do you have? What was your best PT score? E. Hutchinson takes a lot of pride in his and while he was telling me about his training stories I realised that I didn´t know yours.

No, I did not know that Katrina was getting married. I can understand the concern from her parents but the prophets have repeatedly said not to worry about that so much. Especially this last conference. At least I´ll sort of be around to come and see. It´ll give me sort of an idea of what I have to look forward to when I finally get hitched. As for the roast pig, I have no problems with that (referring to his future wedding reception when the time comes). But I´m sure you know that I´m perfectly content with spam and eggs, right?

Ah, so that´s where Braden´s been all this time (Braden has been in New Jersey since the 1st of June). I had sort of forgotten about that trip. If he thinks he misses his personal space . . . well, I can guarantee that in that field a mission helps prepare a person for marriage. 24/7 with the same guy. And no benefits outside of conversation.

Hey, I haven´t said who my new companion is, have I? Well, my new companion is Elder Matt Dawson. He´s from Mesa, AZ and is a DL here in Chitré. He´s at the 18 month mark. I don´t know if there´s something else you´d like me to find out about.

As for the pool, we´ll see what happens. I´ve resolved to take up swimming for a regular excercise when I get home so maybe I can use that to practice. You think they sell water wings in my size?

Trunky? Me? Well, shoot, I ain´t going to lie on it. While I could easily say, "No, I´m not." I think my mind is starting to get very worn down. I´ve felt pretty burned out for a couple years now and now that I´m so close to the end of this, I´d be lying if I said that I didn´t feel a strong urge to get to the next phase of my life. I´m really not sure what´s expected from me in this area. The combination of timing, the area, the zone, and the companion all make me wonder how hard I can work here. I´ve never felt like an effective missionary out here nor like a very successful one so, I´m just hoping I can go the last bit without doing anything stupid.

Well, I think I´ve mentioned about everything you all have written. I´ll talk to you all again soon with only 5 weeks left. I love you all and wish you all the best. You´re all in my prayers.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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