Wednesday, June 1, 2011

M:89/P:78: Another Quiet P-Day

It is kind of wierd not to receive any emails, letters...anything from Austin since he is out in the wilderness of San Blas.  So to make up for the lack of news from the Panama City Mission, we started surfing the net and came across a blog from Elder Bryson Alley, Austin's former companion in Puerto Pilon from October 20th to November 29th, 2010.  We were actually thrilled because he, like Austin, provided a weekly report of their missionary activities, only in this case, Elder Alley provided much more information in some areas, or a different perspective of the weekly activities.  In fact, a couple of trivia and great information we learned from Elder Alley. 

On one occasion, they went to a dinner appointment and had PIG SNOUT.  Yep, you were right the first time...Pig Snout.  Elder Alley did not give any details regarding the outcome of the dinner or their reaction, so that will be a topic of discussion when we meet up with Austin again.  Elder Alley also had some details of a service project that he and Austin volunteered to participate in during their P-Day, to help build a house made of corrugated tin for an elderly sister in their ward.  Austin only sent a picture, but Elder Alley provided some details and several pictures that have now been incorporated into Austin's blog.  Another event was that of a baptism of Eddie Gonzalez.  Austin only mentioned of a baptism, but Elder Alley talked about the baptism and even posted a picture.  This was great encouraging information about the hard and sacred work they were engaged in and the end result of their efforts.

If you reread Austin's letters during this timeframe, you can read both of these missionarys' perspectives.

Perhaps the most comforting information we read was a one liner:   "Oh yeah, guess what – I’m with ANOTHER gringo! Crazy, huh? I was sure that wasn’t going to happen. His name’s Elder Ascura. He’s pretty cool. :)"  It was truly comforting to know and hear first hand, a first impression of our missionary and to wonder if perhaps their entire time together was just that..."cool".

Elder Alley's letters of Austin can be found at:

Elder Bryson Alley from Bountiful, Utah

Elder Ascura in Puerto Pilon, Colon

Off to work in Puerto Pilon, Colon

Missionary Apartment

Baptism of Eric Gonzalez (on the right) performed by his brother Eddie (at left)

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