Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Proud. The Few. The Blas Elders.

Hola Familia,

If you are wondering why I´m writing you on a Wednsday, that would be because today will be my P-Day. And tomorrow. And the next day. Do you know why? Because your son just got picked to go to San Blas!

I´m having a hard time believing it, honestly. I didn´t think I´d get picked. Even moreso when I considered what a conveniently perfect course of action it would be. Two transfers working out in the islands and then come back for a week or two and then head on home. One the one hand, I´m really excited to see what awaits me out in San Blas. There´s going to be a whole lot of culture shock and weird conditions and experiences. I had the fortune of being able to go to Nárgana which is the most modernized island. From what I have gathered I will be covering some three islands with my new companion, Elder Hutchinson, the Elder I told you about that was in the army.

On one hand I´m sort of embarassed because most people consider San Blas like a vacation area. The majority of the work that takes place out there is generally service to integrate into the community. I might also have to pick up the Kuna dialect out here if I´m going to be able to communicate with some of the folks out there. I also felt a little embarassed because there were so many other elders that wanted to go. Many of them will be leaving soon and this was their last chance to go. There used to be three companionships out there but now there will only be two and there was only one open spot this transfer. The anticipation and suspense was tangible right before the announcement. When they revealed that I was the lucky elder going out for Blas, I really couldn´t believe it. For the last couple days I had been feeling like I was going out to San Blas but didn´t think it was possible.

Anywho, over the next couple days I´ll be buying supplies and food and using internet every so often because there won´t be P-Days out in the islands. So if you´d like to talk more, you can monitor the e-mail account for my messages and try to message me back to talk a bit. Even though it hasn´t been terribly long since the last time we talked.

Tell Spencer (Spencer Broomhead) I´m going for Blas and keep updated on the messages. Remember, after this period of P-Days, you won´t hear from me for a whole six weeks as I´ll be isolated from the mainland out on the islands. So take advantage of the opportunity when you can. I think we´ll be returning to use internet later on today so, that could be your first chance to catch me.

Your Elder in Panama (that´s going to San Blas),
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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