Monday, May 2, 2011

M:85/P:74: Week Five Already?

Hola Familia,

Shoot, it´s already week five (of this latest transfer)?
Well, I´ll start by saying that I don´t approve of this internet place I´m in. Most of these joints are run by college age or slightly older computer nerds. You know what that means, right? Everyone shouting about the games (video) I´m trying not to worry about. Awesome. Well, I´m just trying not to hate the mission in my last months here. I´m doing a decent job, too, up ´til now.

As for the movie Rio (recent animated movie), the only reason I know is because McDonalds already has the toys here, and that´s where we eat lunch on Mondays a lot. I´m really quite out of touch with a lot of things. A lot of people mention stuff like . . . "Hey, did you see the new Toy Story?" and then I say stuff like, "Dude, yeah, Toy Story 2 is old news." "No! Number 3!" "What! 3? They came out with that?!" That sort of stuff. That sort of stuff is getting hard to ignore nowadays. It´s a bugger.

Yeah, Liesey´s got my look down. It´s funny to see that picture because there´s so many rasta down here in Panama. I´ll show it some members if I can.

And lookit you, Dez. What teef you got dere.

As for the couples, I think I didn´t explain correctly. The problem is that they aren´t ever in the house at the same time. The husband is a police officer so he´s always out in the bush working. They do fine together. It´s just a problem of timing, that´s all.

As for the visit, I´ll plan on meeting you all in the airport, then. There shouldn´t be any problems. And Elder Laidler, my MTC homeboy will be The Assistant (to the Mission President) so he can hook me up with the transportation. And as a note, Dad, he triumphantly waves around the fact that his girlfriend waited for him and that they´ll be getting married before the end of the year (We jokingly talked about Dear John Letters.  However, Elder Laidler's girlfriend was on her mission when he entered the MTC so she probably only had to wait a year by the time she came home.  Had it been longer...I think the Dear John might have prevailed.  :-)  Attaboy, Elder Laidler.). Just delivering the message. We´ll probably head to Arraijan, Chorrera, Las Mañanitas, and Sta. Librada. We won´t be headed into any of the dangerous parts, so don´t sweat it. I´ll just have to send photos to the members out in Colón. I, too, think it would be a good idea to stay in the car. There´s a good chance we´ll be getting drenched the whole time, anyways. August is the rainy high point in the winter here. And, Mom, don´t worry too much about the food. The food here is really quite normal. A lot of rice. I think you might get a stomach ache from the water but nothing too crazy should happen.

I´m happy to hear that Grandpa enjoyed his birthday party. More so to hear that he was himself for a time. I wonder how much longer he´ll last, too.

As for Osama, my fellow MTC buddy, Elder Stewart, just told me. I´m not sure what to think about it. I just thought we would never actually find him. I hope that helps things resolve themselves quicker.

Well, Dad, I think I should apologize a tad for the short letter. I can´t think of too much else to write. And these geeks here and their video games are making it really hard to focus. I think as I draw closer to the end of the mission my divine shield against that stuff begins to get thinner. And if that´s not the case, I certainly feel like it is. Well, everyone, I love you. I´ll try to aim my call for that window on Sunday and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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