Monday, April 18, 2011

M:83/P:72: Week 2 in Arraijan

Hola Familia,
Well, well, it looks like we have a lot to talk about.
I don´t know what you´re going to do about post-retirement stuff.  I´d like to see you at home with the rest of the family but I know you still got to take advantage of your war career.  Best of luck on that.
Speaking of college, I´m glad to hear that I should be getting to shack up with Spencer again.  It´ll be really wierd to see how much each of us has changed in our extremely different missions.  Do you think there´s a chance in getting back into Delta Phi?  Or does Spencer not want to?  I don´t think I´ll be too picky, though, after living here in Panama for two years.  We take a lot of the homely comforts we have very much for granted.  As for the car, as long as it gets me where I need to go and doesn´t guzzle gas like crazy, I have no complaints.  I´m perfectly content with decent, so, thank you. 
I had a question about schooling.  Many of the missionaries here have been selecting courses and whatnot for BYU Provo lately.  I´ve been wondering when I´m supposed to do that.  I´d also like to know if there´s anything else I need to straighten out for post-mission plans.  I´ve already sent Pres. Ward all the information you sent me in the other e-mail (slightly editted, of course, *ahem* pool *ahem*).  I don´t know if you think I should be the one dealing with all this or if you should.  I don´t have any problems with doing it, it´s just that while I´m a missionary, my ability to communicate on topics such as this is somewhat diminished.  I will say I´m both relieved and disappointed to hear that Liese will not be here.  I like the idea of showing her Panama, but sometimes wonder about the consequences of having her here.  Maybe next time!
As for my own plans for schooling, I´m aware that I´m still in Spring-Fall block.  I´ll probably work in winter and take a course or two if possible.  Whether or not I´ll transfer out and where I´ll transfer to is still in the air, but odds are I´ll try to transfer to Provo for 2012.  But, I don´t know and much of this will depend on how I feel when I get home.
As for a hotel, I don´t know where to even begin.  Hmmmm . . . I could ask around but I don´t think that many of these members would know the hotels in the city well enough to tell me.  Especially considering that you´re looking for a Hilton.  I recommend in Panama City just because it´s right in the center of all my areas, essentially.  If you´re all getting here on the 19th, that means that we´ve got that Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to do our visits.  I don´t know if it would be worth it to go all the way out to Vista Hermosa just on the grounds that it takes about 8 hours to get there and I was only out there for two weeks.  I also got very little done out there and didn´t know anyone well.  I recommend Chorrera, Santa Librada, Tocumen, and Arraijan.  Now, if you all are daring, we might be able to visit both Chorrera and Arraijan in the same day and take a day, maybe the first to go to Colón.  Your choice.  Sta. Librada
or Tocumen would probably be the best choice for Sunday.  I´m leaning towards Tocumen, but either choice would be good.
As for the photos, I´m glad to hear I´m garnering attention.  As for ring (referring to his pinky ring), I just took a liking to it.  It´s gangsta.  Kinda.  The watch, I just found in the street.  I used to use the one Yuto´s mom gave me but the pin broke, so this is my reserve.  The haircut is just a number 2 all over.  Simple and stylish.
Shoot, guys, I´m sorry, I had a lot more to say but there´s been a lot of business today.  I love you all.  Stay well and keep out of trouble!
Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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