Monday, April 4, 2011

M:81/P70: Transfers Are Coming

Hola Familia

I hope you all enjoyed conference!  I actually thought it a somewhat particular one compared to the other three I've had in the mission field.  I had to laugh as there was a lot of emphasis on getting married.  Moreover, getting married quickly.  I can't help but wonder if Pres. Monson could see me as he was talking on that.  Regardless, I feel that it has given me a lot of direction for what I'll do when I get home.  Plus, I had the opportunity to share the rainbow Peeps that you sent with all the children here.  You should have seen the looks on their faces as I offered it to them.  And the American missionaries were happy to get a bit of a taste of home.
Anywho, on Yuto, I'm almost sure I have his application packet in one of the tupperwares with my stuff.  I would guess one of the clear ones.  If it's too much hassle, don't worry about it.  I can start looking the guy up when I get home.  My time is soon and things are starting to cool down in Japan according to Miu.
As for the time thief, it's really an odd thing.  I remember clearly how slow time passed before, but I look back and it seems so recent that I was passing through my first area, Alcalde Diaz.  It's a truly odd feeling to be this far into the mission.  And it's been nearly three years since I graduated.  That definitely doesn't feel like three years.
On the topic of your visit, I do not know what will happen with any of this.  If I'm going to be here for two days before you get here, I might just hang around the office and lend a hand with random things if I'm not out and about sight seeing with who knows.  Maybe I can help Elder Laidler, my MTC companion and the new assistent with his leadership tasks!  I'm sure by the time you get here, I'll have a good idea of where we'll be going and who we'll be visiting.  Mañanitas, Chorrera, maybe, Santa Librada, maybe even Puerto Pilon if you guys are feeling daring.  That place will scare you a bit, I'm sure.  I don't know if they'll release me or not when you get here.  Who knows?  I'll have an idea on what'll go down.  You all will have to scope out any activities in particular that you'd like to do here if you want to do some touring, like the Black Jesus of Portobelo or Old Panama or whatever.
Well, as for me, I've basically been told I'll leave my area.  I've been tipped off that I'm headed for Arraijan, a place renowned for its numerous baptisms, so I suppose things are looking positive.  I just hope to be able to utilize the advantage well.  The week has been slow this week and I've basically just been saying goodbye.  Conference was essentially an all-day activity and unfortunately we weren't able to get anyone to show up.  I don't know what else I can say on the work here.
On stranger news, I've found vampire bats in my house.  I'm not sure if they've bitten me, yet, but they are either unafraid of people or just very curious.  Lately, they've been flying about the house.  I played nice the first time I caught them, but this time I might have to kill them.  I've heard they're not at all very safe and very prone to bite people here.  I might be paying a visit to the doctor soon over a foot infection/fungus/something that may or may not have anything to do with the bats.
I saw the photos of Liesy with the camel.  I thought they were adorable.  She's getting to be quite the big kid, now.  It's a shame I missed it.  I would've liked the Egypt theme.
As for the retainer, I'm afraid I haven't made myself clear.  I am not referring to the plastic orange thing that goes in the roof of my mouth.  I broke that about six months before the mission.  I am referring to the steel bar that they put right behind my teeth.  The retainer that is intended to be permanently glued into my mouth.  That's what I "popped" out.  Regardless, my teeth don't seem to be shifting or moving about drastically, so I think I can wait.  It might not even be necessary to get it replaced, but I'l let you all take a look when I get home.
Well, I'm about at the end of my rope on topics to gab about.  I hope you all are doing well and staying strong in whatever challenges you all are facing.  My return comes soon and I look forward to seeing you all and talking about all of what's gone on in the last two years.  It'll be strange being the new Austin.  Especially becuase I'll have to eat some of the older statements I've made.  But it won't be so bad.  Keep yourselves out of trouble and enjoy the conference talks I'm so sure you watched.  (Because I know you all went to all the sessions, right?)
Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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