Monday, March 21, 2011

M:79/P:68: Tongan Missionaries Eat Up Pizza Hut

Hola Familia,

Man, Dad, if you think the Europeans were funny, just remember Yuto.  Seafood in Japan is pretty normal but beef?  Do you remember how many steaks that guy wolfed down at Golden Corral?  Man, I wish I would've been there to see that.  That reminds me, I heard that the Tongan missionaries made a Pizza Hut place close down because they had a buffet option.  I just thought you might like hearing that tidbit.
As for retiring, I'm sorry to hear that it's going to be hard to find a good job.  You could always just invest stuff in the stock market and live off the returns.  I don't know how fast that works for getting rich but I imagine you could do it.  I hope your job search goes well.  I'm sure Liesy will be happy to have you home.  Living four days a week alone is tough, let me tell ya.
As for the visit, are you saying we'd leave Sunday the same week?  As in we're only going to be in Panama three or four days?  I'm down with that.  Luckily, if that's the case, one of my best areas was right there in the same vicinity of the airport, Las Mañanitas in Tocumen.  I promised I'd swing by and school some fool in a video game before I left the country.  It would be a convenient way to go.  In any case, the great majority of my areas are all in very close proximity of the city.  I imagine I might leave the Panama province one more time.  Maybe.  I just hope you guys have an idea of how to get around in this country.  This place is crazy, you should see the drivers.
As for Braden's studio room, that sounds a lot like my house right now.  One room with a bathroom to the side and the kitchen on the other.  I'm glad to hear that the boy's got his head on straight.  As for Dez, how do you have problems in art class?  If she criticizes you again, Dez, just tell her, "It's modern art!"  If Pablo Picasso can make it as an artist, so can you!  As for Riss, I hope things get better in school and she starts focusing on college after high school.  I'm happy to hear that Liesy is keeping as chirpy as ever.  I also laugh that she sings when she's alone.  I still do that a lot.
As for me, I can't talk much as I've burned my time out.  I'll have to tell you guys next time.  I love you all and hope you all are keeping well!
Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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