Monday, March 14, 2011

M:78/P:67: More Baptisms Planned

Hola Familia

Well, I didn´t get your letters for this week if you all sent me one (At the time this letter was written, he had not received our letter.  He came back and wrote again in the afternoon and was able to read our letter, so we don't feel bad...anymore).  Just throwin´ that out there.

The week has been a bit of an odd one.  Monday and Tuesday we were basically closed in at the stake center here for Carnaval´s last two days.  Then on Friday we had to go to the city for a training meeting.  A lot of good things were taught and I hope to make good use of the trip.

What with all that that I just mentioned, we didn´t get to do too much missionary work.  Thankfully, though, I feel like we´ve made a number of long-awaited breakthroughs.  One of our recent converts has three children, all of which are around my age, who haven´t been at all happy with her decision to be baptised.  When I arrived here, it was obvious that the kids wanted absolutely nothing to do with us.  It seems like after all our efforts to soften things up, through English lessons, washing the dishes when they aren´t looking, and just getting to know them, we might actually be able to teach the entire family.  We´ve already taught one son and we´re hoping that this Thursday that we can teach the rest.

In a different house, we had a family that has positively received missionaries for months now; much of the family even wants to get baptised.  The problem is that they´re not married.  It´s usually extremely difficult to sit down with the entire family because of their line of work, truck driving.  This last week we´ve set down the challenge to get married.  This Tuesday we hope to get our answer.

I also would like to get two "eternal investigators" baptised within two to three weeks.  One, David, is going through some radiology treatments and will be in isolation for the next week or so.  Anabel, another sister who has investigated the church for quite some time now, will likely be receiving a visit from the missionaries with her member boyfriend to settle this deal once and for all.

Those matters aside, I don´t feel I can share too much.  I have noticed this week that I´ve felt extremely peculiar while thinking about home.  I´m not sure I can really describe it but I think I´m beginning to notice how much I´ve grown or changed in all this time.  And that is extraordinarily strange because I´ve never been able to notice that before.  Likely because I´ve never gone through a period of such rapid obligated growth.  I´m going to feel like such a freak when I get home.

Speaking of home, I suppose we should plan a tad how we´re going to do this whole visit-to-Panama thing now that I´m going to Idaho.  My leave date will be 16th of August, maybe the 17th.  I´m assuming you both still want to come visit Panama, right?  (We are planning to pick Austin up in Panama after his mission) So, am I coming home first or are you all meeting me here?  Where am I getting released?  How long do you want to stay in Panama?  What areas of Panama would you like to visit?  What´s your plan on lodging?  How´s the Spanish coming along?  All of these are important details I should know if you all are still planing on visiting.  Please bear in mind that when you get here I´ll only have missionary clothes and scriptures.  Nothing else.

Well, family and followers, I can´t think of much else to say.  I hope you all are staying out of trouble and that the tsunami from Japan didn´t muss up the States much (wasn´t that crazy?  ¡8.9!)

Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura
PS: I forgot to mention, the mission chose to give me a 200 dollar you-were-a-missionary scholarship for Idaho.  Huzzah! (From his letter this afternoon)

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