Monday, March 7, 2011

M:77/P:66: Carnaval

Hola Familia,
Another week up and down.  It´s been quite the week.

First off, Carnaval began last week on Friday.  Practically everyone disappeared from my area to go to the countryside and party it up out there as is custom in Panamá.  The few people that are not in the country are dancing constantly or drenching everyone in sight like last year.  It´s slightly worrying to see children throwing redneck water balloons (little plastic baggies) filled with water at all the taxis and trucks with their windows down.  I suppose they´re just kids but it´s not exactly a polite way to have fun.  They haven´t gotten me wet, yet, as most people leave missionaries alone, but I have had a couple groups of kids come running up to me screaming, "MAGIC TRICK!"  It gives my companion a bit of a scare seeing all the kids running at us with the water baggies in hand.

As for the work, a lot of effort went in to searching.  I don´t know if mentioning specifics is really necessary but we´ve got a good handful of people that I think will get baptised the transfer after I leave.  It will be good to keep my green companion charged up and motivated.

Speaking of him, he seems quite motivated to keep moving.  I´m actually fairly impressed with his teaching ability, as well.  He seems like he was fairly well prepared for all this.  I was going to send you all photos of him and me fixing up the sink but these computers can´t read my memory card.

I forgot to mention how fixing the sink went.  Let me tell you, that was quite the mess.  I fixed one thing to break another and had to go back to the hardware store about two or three times.  But on the positive side, I´m basically a plumber, now.  I can fix basic pipes and stuff.  I just don´t know what I´ll do with all the tools I bought now.  Maybe I´ll just haul ´em around a while.

I feel like I´m forgetting to mention something to you all but I can´t remember what it was.  I´m still trying to talk with President here to find out when my expected release date is now that I won´t be headed out for BYU Provo so we can plan well our tour.

I hope you all are keeping well and staying out of trouble.  Study hard and enjoy the coming spring.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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