Tuesday, February 15, 2011

M:74/P:63 Good Week

Hola Familia,

I´m sorry to hear that Grandpa Ascura´s finally gone, but you´re right, Dad. He´s in a much better place now.

Given as you all haven´t written me too much for this week, I can´t promise that this will be a long letter. We´ll see what I can do.

The week has been a peculiar one. I´ve had to do some deep soul searching on some things that have been troubling me lately. Thankfully, interviews are tomorrow. I think I´ve been able to resolve the bulk of my concerns myself and with a friend out here. I´ve resolved to tough it out so I´ll get to see if I can stick this one through without stressing myself out too much.

In terms of news of Panama, it would seem like there´s a lot of buzz going around lately. Indians rioting, criminal activity everywhere, huge political unrest . . . I don´t know anything about it but felt I could at least mention it.

In terms of the work, we were finally able to find one of our old baptismal dates that fell through. He´s been undergoing a lot of medical treatment lately and it looks like he´s been going through some new therapies. He´s also mentioned that its very possible that he leaves for the other end of the country to live closer to his family. We´ll have to see how he still feels about baptism and perhaps hand the baptismal date over to the Elders in Boquete. I'm sure they'd appreciate the gesture. We're still struggling to find new people to teach in this area, but I've talked a little with Pres. Ward and we might be able to help another area in supporting a small branch in a primarily Kuna neighborhood. We'll see what happens and I'll try to keep you all informed.

We went to the temple this week. It was very nice to return there. Afterwards, we visited the "Old Helmet", the colonial part of Panama. It reminded me a lot of Rome. If you guys come to visit, it would be one of the safer places for you all to visit. It felt wierd to be walking around with all the tourists everywhere.

I had a question about schooling. Elder Morris, a buddy out here, has already selected his classes. Is that something I should be worried about, yet?

Well, I don't know if I can think of much else to say for the week. I hope you all are taking care of yourselves. I pray for you all often.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Élder Austin Michael Ascura

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