Tuesday, February 22, 2011

M:75/P:64: New Companion Coming?

Hola Familia,
Well, the end of the transfer is here!  My companion has a 98% chance of leaving, so I´ll likely stay here to teach the area to my new companion.  Transfers are in two days.  Today technically isn´t preparation day, but knowing the group I´m with, I think it will be a very slim chance of there being work today.  The three months I´ve spent with my companion have been interesting and I wish him the best of luck wherever the Lord decides to place him.  I´m highly curious to see who my new companion will be.
I´m glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii with Dad, Mom.  I´m not sick of the Peeps, yet, and neither are all the other Gringoes that miss American confections.  It´s funny you mention the language.  Recently, all the missionaries in the zone have decided that I speak with a semi-Spanish accent.  They all talk to me with their Spaniard impersonations, which in Spanish, means that there´s a lot of lisping type things.  A lot of "sh" and "th" instead of "s".  It´ll be fun to speak Spanish when I get home.  I think I´d like to teach Elise Spanish for fun, too, as well as anyone else who wants to learn the language.
As for the trip to Guam, I´m glad you all made it in time (we made it to Guam but missed the funeral).  Flying with the military is always a hassle and a gamble.  It reminds me of when we passed through Hawaii last time and we got stuck in Hawaii for four or five days getting up at four in the morning every day.  I know the drill.  So much for Braden not going, huh?  But I´m glad to hear that you didn´t have to make the trip alone.  It´s not exactly a great trip to do solo.  You´ve still got us, like you said, and we all love you.  And even though I´m all the way down here, I´ll do what I can to share the burden.
As for things out here, week six was naturally a little slower.  Everyone celebrating the end of the transfer, half the missionaries already packing up to leave the zone, reluctance to devote more effort to an area that won´t be yours . . . you know how it goes.  As for me, it´s been a bit of a rough week but I´m through and I believe I´ve got what was worrying me under my fingers.  I´d love to talk it out but I´m not sure that I could do it justice through written correspondence.  We´ll have plenty of time to debrief when I get home.  We are on the downward count now and, man, does it feel wierd to be that old missionary.  I just hope I don´t fall apart when I´m in my last two months.
I´m glad to hear that you all enjoyed the photos so much.  It´s a real pain to send them sometimes.  I´ll try to get some more down the line so you all can get more of a feel for Panama.  Because I´m almost sure that there´s a lot that I´ve known that you all won´t be able to enjoy like me.  I´m pretty sure that in the majority of my areas, they would rob us blind.
Well, I seem to be out of things to say for the moment.  I can´t remember if there was anything else in particular that I wanted to bring up.  I´m waiting with great anticipation to see if I get to go to Provo with Elder Morris or if I have to go back to rot in Idaho.  Either way, I´m sure it will be a fun deal.  Take care everyone, I love you all.
Your Elder in Panamá,
Élder Austin Michael Ascura

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