Saturday, February 12, 2011

M73/P:62: Time Going Fast

Hola Familia,

My, I never thought time would actually begin to pass by quickly.
Well, to begin, happy birthday, Mom!  I was going to send photos, but something is wrong with my memory card.  I´m really hoping that my photos didn´t get wiped.  It´ll sadly have to wait until next week.  Sorry.
As for the week, we had two successful baptisms this last Saturday and the sister who got baptised will be going to the temple on Wednesday.  I was going to send photos.  I´m really happy to see a sister who was so stubborn at first go through the change of heart so famously rumored of in the mission.  I hope to strengthen them well before I head out.  The baptism went smoothly with relatively few bumps.  My companion and I even bought a giant cake!  Now, have you ever tried to bring a cake (2 feet x 3 feet) home in a bus?  Let me tell you, that was a funny experience.  Just so you guys know before you get here, taxis are really tough to deal with here; they´re real cut-throats.
Tomorrow we´ll be going to the temple as a zone and touring a little of the city.  Today is scheduled as a normal day, basically.  Although, if you ask me, I don´t think much work will get done today.
I´m glad to hear that Mom´s enjoying the trip to Hawaii.  I´m sure you both are drowning in the nostalgia of the mission and college and all that.  As for your song, I don´t think you ever told me about that song, Dad.  I think I remember Mom singing the beginning every so often but I never knew there was a story to it, let alone from the mission.  I´d be pretty touched to see that I left a mark for good that lasted for over some twenty to thirty years.  You apparently did good work.  I don´t know how I could leave such an impression on the wards here.  I wouldn´t know where to even begin.
Let´s see what else is there to tell of the week.  Another dog tried to knick me in the ankles . . . I´m going crazy trying to somehow get music to play on my new insert-memory-play-music-box thing . . . That sounds like the bulk of stuff for the week.  I hope you all are having fun and staying out of trouble.  I pray for you all every night.
Your Élder in Panamá,
Élder Austin Michael Ascura

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