Monday, January 31, 2011

M:72/P:61: Losing Track of TIme

Hola Familia,

Wow, I must be losing track of time, we´re already on week four . . .

Well, the week´s been a little rough out here, but it sounds like I´m not the only one who´s had some problems this week. I´m sorry to hear that Grandpa´s in such bad shape. And what a story! That´s got to be a really rough case they have out there. So you might head out there for a family discussion on the matter, huh? I hope that things don´t get too crazy out there.

Wow, Braden´s going to qualify as a junior already? Shoot, the boy´s taking a heavy workload. I hope that the coming year doesn´t overwork him.

As for the water crisis, it´s beginning to wrap itself up. I have drinkable water in the house again and I haven´t gotten diarrhea, yet. I did think that that water bottle was making things a little too easy, though. I mean, what´s the whole mission experience worth if you don´t get a horrible case of diarrhea? Oh well, it looks like things are getting fixed up now. Although, I´m curious to see how they handle next winter. It starts in March and I don´t know if they´ll be ready for all the incoming rain.

As for the work, we´ve got baptisms this week and we´re trying to make everything special so these two never forget the day. Our weak spot of the area is still looking for new people. We didn´t find anyone to teach this week. And with the zone conference this last Tuesday, things were a little stranger than usual.

My new leadership position still has not been fully explained in terms of a manual. But I´m fairly confident that through just asking questions I´ve been given the bulk of my responsibilities. I´m expected to go on companionship exhchanges twice a week. I don´t know how I´ll work that in, but I guess I´ll have to start doing those. As for the devotionals, I´ll just say that my mission has a lot of Elders that are . . . well, not very spiritual. In our zone this transfer, we´ve got quite the rambunctious group. I mean, I´ve never even heard of district devotionals before you mentioned it to me. I´ll see if I can talk it over with the ZLs to see what they think.

And as for pictures, I´ll resolve to try and attach two or three a week. And also try to take more pictures in general. I´m so bad at taking photos.

Well, I can´t think of too much else for the moment, so wish you all a good week and hope you all keep yourselves out of trouble and in good company. I love you all.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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