Monday, January 17, 2011

M:70/P59: New District Leader

Hola Familia,

Well, they did it. I didn´t think they would but they made me a District Leader. But they told me nothing about what all my responsibilities are. Soooo, I guess we´ll just wing it on this. I´ll be really honest, I´m really unsure of what´s going to happen this change because I surely don´t have any idea what I´m supposed to do as District Leader.

As for some of the new conditions, my companion didn´t get pulled out. He was almost sure he was gone. I suppose that leaves us five weeks more of memory making. The members love him here, so, naturally, they were all very pleased to see him still here. The zone has taken an interesting direction as all the companionships have had changes except mine. Also, judging from the faces they´ve got here right now, I think something odd is going to happen with the zone. But that´s just speculation; I really have no idea how this will all roll out.

As for the interview (for going back to college in the fall), I assume the President will be doing that when he does interviews normally. As a note about all the loot waiting for me at home, I´m not really too worried about much of that, Dad. I mean, as far as phones go, I only call people and rarely at that. I simple durable dryer-proof phone will do the job. Anything in terms of crazy weird technology would probably be me just hacking and modifying a PSP. Keep a lid on gaming? I haven´t touched a video game in a long while, Dad. I´ll let you excercise judgement on whether you want to give me that. Remember, though, I´m hacking it.

It seems like Mom´s been under a lot of pressure to me, too, lately. I just hope she doesn´t burn herself out. But that does remind me, do you all intend on moving again or what´s the deal on all that?

As for the baptism, we haven´t found him, still. I don´t know what the deal is but it´s making me cock an eyebrow. In terms of other work, we´re just trying to sift through people we´re teaching trying to find SOMEONE who will progress. One of the hardest things about working here in Panama is getting people to read and pray. I can´t count the people that just won´t and don´t do it. Many of the people in our current teaching pool have been receiving visits from missionaries for a while, so I don´t know what´s up. All in all, it´s likely that we´ll just end up knocking doors to get a hold of people.

As for you guys visiting Panama before I´m released, I´m not sure that´s a good idea, Dad. You´re likely to get robbed if you´re not in the right area. And if your Spanish isn´t spot on, I´m warning you, it´s going to be really difficult getting around here. I don´t know how we could work it out. I don´t get robbed because I´m a "varón" which is what the thieves use to designate a man of god. If I didn´t have the white shirt and tie deal going on, they´d rob me of the shirt on my back. I´m not even sure what parts of the mission I could show you.

As for Sister Ochs, good for her that she´s got pictures. I´ll try to send a couple in the e-mail. I was hoping to burn the CD now but that´s looking like it´ll happen later.

Well, I´m out of ideas of what to write. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the winter up there.
Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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