Monday, January 10, 2011

M:69/P:58: Getting Back to Normal

Hola Familia,

Well, we´re beginning the new transfer. I´m completely unsure if my companion will stay or go. It could go either way on that.

The holiday season is boiling down over here as well. The parties are reducing as people get ready to prepare for Carnaval. Which, if you care to attend, is in February usually. Strangely, this year it will be in March. Anywho, things here are swinging back into being normal and our schedule will likely be completely normal next week, what with transfers this week.

A remote control helicopter? That sounds like fun. You just had some credit for a helicopter? And a Droid Incredible? You´re just all about new toys, aren´t you? Christmas has already passed; you have to wait until July to get new toys again. I´d be excited about getting that phone but I don´t think I´ll make it home in time. He already seems to have robbed the PSP. Why stop there? And a car? You´re just rolling out the big guns, now. I´d love to help keep Bray in school, Dad, but I don´t think he´ll ever listen to me. Not right now while I´m that crazy Mormon missionary, at least.

As for college, it was University of Colorado in Colorado Springs(UCCS). If I´ve missed the deadline, there´s no problems, don´t sweat it too much. I´ll try to get those essays up today.

As for our baptism, he didn´t show up. Recently, the doctors found a node in his lung so he had an operation the day before the baptism. We´ll be swinging by his house soon to see when we can get this guy dunked. As for comparison of baptisms, Dad, we´ve got to compare quality, not quantity. And naturally I´ll probably baptise more than you did, Dad, I´m in Latin America. You were in the States. That´s almost a European mission and European missionaries have to really overhaul it to just get one baptism all their mission. I´m sure we´ll have plenty of time to compare mission stories when I get home.

Oh my gosh. You just said "btw". You are such a phone addict, Dad. Anyways, the 22nd is my leave date? Alright, then, I shall plan accordingly. It does throw a bit of a wrench in the plans but I don´t think Panama will be going anywhere soon. The timing of a visit to Panama would probably depend on what you´d like to do here. You can time the visit to something cultural or to when the weather is typically agreeable or to a holiday. We can discuss it later, I suppose. So, I´ll only get a week to get myself organized an off to school? Big surprise. I never get the breaks I want. I guess Christmas of 2011 will have to be my break . . .

Well, Mom, I´m sorry to hear that you´re job´s at risk. But I suppose if you don´t mind losing it, then I shouldn´t worry too much. This week I helped a lady we teach frequently take down her tree and Christmas decorations. I thought about you all while doing that. I hope you guys get back into the groove of things well. Don´t stress yourself out too much, Mom.

Well, I can´t think of much else to say for the moment. We found a giant rat in our house so I´ll have to invest in traps or something. I´ll keep you all posted on the major happenings out here. Take care, everyone. I love you all and think of you all often.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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