Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Surprise Call

We received a surprise phone call from Austin and it really was a surprise.  Lisa answered the phone and didn't even recognize his voice.  His voice was much deeper and....just different.  He said is this the Ascura residence?  Is this Lisa Ascura?  This is your missionary.  Lisa thought he was the local missionaries.  It was pretty funny.

Austin called to discuss how we were going to talk on Christmas Eve....That is also ironic because we must have spent an hour on the phone.  Now we won't have anything to talk about on Christmas Eve.  He said all the missionaries were calling on Christmas Eve because the Internet Cafes will most likely be closed for the Holiday, but that he was given permission to talk on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the 26th.

We talked about everything and it was really goo just to hear his voice.  We had him talk about Panama in Spanish and it was truly amazing.  He had a very nice Latin American accent and was even rolling his Rs.  He said it took him a long time to learn how to do that but he said he has had alot of compliments on his language skill. Braden even got to practice his Spanish and I was thoroughly impressed.  Even Carissa and Desiree got to try out their language from Spanish Class.  We all had fun.

Austin is doing very well. He did mention that he lives close to one of his old areas (Alcade Diaz) and that the area was really a slow area.  He is a little disappointed and frustrated about the slow work in the area, but is optimistic about making a difference in the area.  We look forward to his call on Christmas Eve.

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