Monday, December 27, 2010


On Christmas Eve morning, we got to speak to Austin on the phone for about an hour.  Afterwards, he walked down to the Internet Cafe, which is about a 15 minute walk from his apartment so that we could talk to him via Skype, something all the missions in the Church were using.  It was really great for us to speak to him and actually see him LIVE.  We definitely noticed some changes in his demeanor.  He had a much deeper voice and he really spoke with alot of confidence about the work he was doing.  We also had an opportunity to see his companion and to listen to them converse back and forth as he did not speak any English.  It was especially great for the kids to test out their school learned Spanish and although they got A's in the class, they found out first hand how different and difficult it really is to carry a conversation.  Austin was more than happy to oblige them as he spoke to them in Spanish.  But it was just as awesome for our family to watch him converse with his companion or just speak in Spanish, something we aren't used to seeing.  It will be fun to have him home in about 8 months.  After about an hour of talking and joking and laughing, we let him go...even if we didn't want him to leave.  But he had 5 dinner appointments scheduled for this day.  Before he left, we sang him and his companion, the Nativity Song, as preparation for our family musical number in Sacrament Meeting on the 26th.

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