Thursday, December 16, 2010

M:66/P:55: Hoping For the Best

Hola Familia,

Italy, huh?  You´re just all over the place, Dad. I remember everyone looking at me like I was crazy when I told them you were in Paris.  As for that calzone, I´d go for one of those about now.  Especially right now.  Bad days, huh (referring to the Beday toilet)?  Glad to see your keeping your humor fresh.  I remember seeing that when we were in Italy and I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to do with it.
As for my mugging experience, my companion was in front of me and I think he had one hand behind his back.  I couldn´t see it and I thought nothing of it.  I have people come up to me and ask me for loose change all the time.  The guy only wanted a dime.  When I gave him the quarter I didn´t see the knife until he moved to the side of the path and I saw the handle.  After we got to the bottom of the hill I asked my companion who told me that the guy had the knife out the entire time.  He was super stressed out and I had no idea why.  Imagine that.
As we draw closer and closer to the holidays, it doesn´t look like we´ll be doing much.  I imagine a family or two will invite us over for dinner and we´ll be stuffed.  Other than that, knocking doors and maybe singing Christmas carols to try and get in houses.  As for the Christmas Peeps, still nothing on that.  But they don´t give us mail until tomorrow.  Who knows?
As for the week, it´s been an incredibly slow one.  I´ve been abnormally depressed almost the entire week.  I seem to be picking up a bit after visiting the temple on Thursday.  The weather certainly didn´t help at all.  Usually at this time, there´s little to no rain in Panamá because the majority of the winter has already wrapped itself up.  But we´ve been hit with a cold front from the States that sweeped down Central America and a cold front from Colombia coming up north.  As a result we´ve had almost non-stop rain the entire week.  The bad part was that it was cold and there was a lot of wind.  My companion and I both got a little sick.  I also went to the doctor to get some antibiotic prescriptions for some infections that have worried me a bit.  All I´ll say about it is that this things must have gold inside them or something.  On the positive side, it would appear that it´s working.
We´ve contacted more and I got to know a young Evangelist teenager who I´ve challenged to put the Book of Mormon to the test.  I challenge everyone to do it but this young man is very astute and has a great interest in learning more about God.  I´m hoping that this Wednesday he´s done his part.  We´ll see.  I´m hoping to get to know his father who is an atheist philosophy teacher.  It´s going to be a fun visit.
Well, everyone, I can´t seem to think of anything else to share for the moment.  I hope that you all are enjoying the snow and holiday festivity.  I ask that you all pray specially for me in this area as the president has expressed a special interest in seeing this zone improve.  I´ll need all the help I can find.
Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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