Wednesday, December 1, 2010

M:64/P:53: New Area in Santa Librada

Hola Familia,

First off, I´m glad to hear that you all had a good Thanksgiving. It would´ve been a shame to waste a holiday. I´m also glad to hear that the drive back was bearable for Dad and Bray. For me, well, I didn´t remember that it was Thanksgiving until my companion pulled out his cheesecake that he bought specially for the occasion. He was really happy about it.

Yes, I did have changes. I´m feeling really beat for it, too. Packing and traveling and what not is just not good so close to each other. Anywho, my new companion is Elder Hernandez. He´s Honduran. Tonight, I´ll get to know him better. My area, Santa Librada, is in the zone of San Isidro. Having stayed in relatively civilized areas so much makes me think that I´ll be in the city my entire mission. I suppose we´ll see.

As for packages, I got the Peeps package. Any of the other ones, not yet.

This last week was a fairly difficult one. Among the interesting things that happened, we went out to cut tall grass (taller than me) with a machete. With all my macho machete-ing swinging, though, my hands got sliced up by the grass. And unfortunately, the majority of them have gotten infected for the last week or so. It makes it very painful to get things out of my pockets. They´re beginning to heal up a bit now, though. I got Dicloxicilin for it. And I´m pretty sure that´s the same stuff they gave me when I had mono because it covered me in hives just like last time. I think it´s all getting better though.

We began teaching a sister who seems like she lives alone in her house every day and never leaves. She was a reference from the zone leaders and is a very peculiar person. It´s honestly strange coming into someone´s home and then having them unload all their lives´ deepest concerns and other things like that when you´ve only known the person for three minutes. She seems like she really needs people to talk to and help her out. I feel quite bad for her as she´s got a lot on her plate. I hope Elder Alley takes good care of her.

I´ll try to get a Christmas package ready for you all that will have anything you guys want in it. So if you have any requests, tell me soon. That aside I can´t think of too much I could tell you. I built a chicken coop. Out of scrap material. Okay, that aside, I can´t think of anything else to tell you. My brain still feels a little frazzled so I´ll try to make my next letter good. Take care and enjoy the Christmas Season.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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