Monday, November 15, 2010

M:62/P:51: Not Feeling Well

Hola Familia,

I´m glad to hear that Dad and Bray enjoyed Veterans Day together. And it sounds like you (Dad) got milked and whipped pretty good, too (Braden got me to buy him a video game and beat me in every game we played). And as for Thanksgiving, looks like that didn´t turn out too well for you, either. Man, 18 hour drive up, first class snatched away (Braden's return flight to San Diego will be first class, while I got the middle seat), and you lose the car (We are driving the BMW to Oregon for Thanksgiving and leaving it with Lisa). Well, Dad, at least you know someone will be enjoying first class and your BMW.

As far as retirement goes, Dad, that´s all up to you. Depends on whether you want the time or the money, your call. I´m glad to hear that your options are good, though.

As for the packages, Mom, I still haven´t gotten anything. However, the zone leaders might already have it. They don´t give us mail ´til after Preparation Day. Doesn´t make much sense to me, but that´s how they do it.

Spencer coming home in January? I thought he was due home in July. Unless you mean he was extending his mission six months, which I can hardly believe.

Logan got baptised, huh? What a pity I couldn´t be there to see it. I´m curious to see how cute he is when I get back. But that was Matthew´s first baptism? Well, what better choice than your own son.

I am glad to hear that Grandpa appears to be doing alright. I, too, find it a little strange that Grandpa can even be beligerent still (in his current medical condition). He doesn´t look like he´s got the speed to do it.

As for the rain, it was Stake Conference, which means everyone goes in suits. We didn´t have time to go change so we just went to work in suits, and got drenched. I picked it up and it looks fine, though. No damage done as far as I can tell. As for raincoats, those basically don´t exist here. The mission recommends we don´t get them just because it´s such a hot country. And as for the umbrella, I only remember the tiny, tiny one I had back in the MTC that broke a couple months ago. The umbrella wouldn´t have saved me much, though, honestly. I´ve got one now, though. My feet still get soaked, though.

As for my companion, I don´t know why he through up. Most people here say you get sick from just getting wet in the rain. I just think he got a small bug. He´s fine, now. Although, now I´m not feeling so great. I feel nauseated whenever I´m around food. I´m pretty sure it´s not dengue nor malaria. As for vitamins, I don´t even know where to look for those here. Do most pharmacies carry multi-vitamins?

As for the mugging, they were basically high school punks. Might´ve had knives or something. I´ll hope I never have to use the advice, too (tips on how to survive or avoid a gang attack). And thanks for the tips on kelaguen (Guamanian dish made of chicken, lemon, onions, and coconut), too.

As for my driver´s license, I might have lost that as well as a couple other pieces of identification. I don´t know what happened to my little booklet that I keep all that stuff in. I´ll scour the house again but I´m pretty sure I lost it or something. That would include my Military ID, my driver´s license, my passport copy, and my visa card thing. And the mission´s money card. I hope I find it.

As for the work here, we´ve made contact with a lot of people that I think will get baptised. I normally don´t like counting my eggs early, but we´ve got one guy who read up to 1 Nephi 8 without us even asking him to. I´m looking forward to seeing his progress. We had two baptisms coming up for this Saturday but I think only one will go through. The one isn´t taking this at all seriously.

Well, Family, I hope you all are doing well and staying out of trouble. My time is about up. I pray for you all every night.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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  1. From Elder Bryson Alley's moissionary blog of the same day: These are just parts of his blog that pertain to the companionship or the missionary work he shared with Austin:

    ...We’ll talk to people who’ve been together for 60 years, but they’re not married! Insanity. That’s one of the big stumbling blocks to baptism people have here. Speaking of which - one of our baptismal candidates, Ray, decided he wasn’t ready. And he’s not. He doesn’t understand the importance. BUT we did set a date with the Bishop’s daughter-in-law! She’s been taught everything and has been going to church for like, a year, but they weren’t married; but they’re gonna do it! Yay!

    And, last night, we were supposed to be eating pig tail! The sister who feeds us asked what we wanted, and I said, “Your favorite meal”... which was pig tail, turns out. But she wasn’t there…so the grandma made us dinner instead, which was... pig snout. Uh-huh. Haha, it was basically a bunch of bones and just a little bit of really squishy meat on the outside. They just put it in the beans…so that was exciting! Pig snout... you should try it! :)

    ...Oh the other cool story of this week - last Sunday I was feeling super sick; after walking around in the rain for three days absolutely soaked (don’t worry - I have an umbrella now). But we were at our dinner appointment and I had to use their bathroom to throw up...that wasn’t fun. But the cool part is - that night I got a blessing from my comp and the next morning I was completely fine! That was cool! I didn’t have to get up during the night or anything. The Lord continues to take care of me!