Monday, November 8, 2010

M: 61/P: 50: Rain and Close Call Mugging

Hola Familia,

Well, this week´s been a fairly strange one. But we´ll get to that later.

33 years and you just ran into him, huh? (Referring to a visit with a friend while in Hawaii who I had not seen since July 1977).  What are the odds? That grill place looks like something Yuto would die for. I´m glad to hear that the trip went well. And in not too long, I imagine we´ll all be traveling together again.

I love the Halloween pictures. Apparently, though, no one told me that Dez got braces! What a grin! But I can just imagine how much fun she had goofing off as Superman. The thought of all the bulging muscles makes me chuckle. Carissa´s outfit looks well-done. I should´ve known she´d make her own. Liesy looks very cute in her Mushu outfit. It´s a little odd seeing her as a little kid now and not a toddler. And it looks like Mom´s found a good use for her fur coats, too.

As for Riss and her boy (boyfriend). . . well...

As for Andrew and Sara, he knows them. Kind of funny that she´s watching the blog, that friend of yours. But yeah, it´s the one and the same guy.

I´ll see what´s up with the photos. And I haven´t gotten the Peeps, yet, but mail will be distributed tomorrow, so, we´ll see.

As for things on this end, the work was a little slow this week because it was one of Panama´s independece days. So people were all going to other parts to party and stuff like that. A lot of people weren´t even home. Despite all that, we did find a couple families to teach. We´ve recently just put two more baptismal dates for the 20th. My companion will be able to have his first baptism.

As for other things, I´m sure you guys have heard about the storms over Haiti, right? Well, that hit Colón, too. It rained for three days straight. I´ve never been so wet before. I´ve also never had to walk down the street in ankle deep water before. And I´ve also never had to do all that in my suit. I´ve left it at the cleaners as it got pretty dirty. And through all of it my companion got pretty sick. He had to go to the bathroom to ease his stomache when we got out dinner appointment. First companion I´ve had vomit, yet. I´m feeling alright, but I´m wagering that´s because my immune system is already up to snuff out here. He´s feeling better, though.I also almost got robbed.

That was a strange feeling walking down a street and looking at all the wayward teenagers getting in position to ambush you. Sadly, though, we turned around only to find a dead end to which they followed us. But a local man warned the kids to leave us alone as they started to ask us for small change. They might have had something concealed in their hands as they had their shirts wrapped around them. We got out of it this time but we´ll see what happens next time.

Well, I think that´s the majority of what´s going on for now. I hope you all are doing well and staying out of trouble. Keep studying hard and enjoy the coming holiday season. It´ll be my last one here in Panama. I love you all and keep you in my prayers.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura
PS Dad, in the Kelaguen recipe, are you supposed to be able to taste the coconut? Or is it only for texture? I´m not sure if I´m making it bad.

Pictures Posted by Elder Bryson Alley:  Service project to help build a house for an Elderly Sister.  Read comments by Elder Alley.
Austin and Eddie Gonzalez

Austin and Elder Bryson Alley

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  1. From Elder Bryson Alley:

    ...There was a little money confusion [this past week], ‘cuz my card from the mission wasn’t working, so they told me they’d dump some extra in my comp.’s and then I could use that and they’d send me a new card. But there was a problem with that, so it took a little longer getting here ( I should get it tomorrow). But I did have to take a little out of the personal funds for a few weeks’ groceries; I’ll just replace it when I get my card. And then there were a few things I’m sending in a package today.

    [As for the] computers, we get 45 minutes to e-mail you guys and the President, so whatever we don’t use on the President of that extra fifteen minutes, we get to spend on you guys! So that’s a little less stressful [than the 30 min. limit]. this week. Last Monday we had a family night with a family that’s trying to re-activate themselves in the church, which is GREAT! It’s a single mom, and her four kids, and they’re all WAY cute and fun. We played hungry hippos. It was a BIG HIT. Haha, it was so much fun. And then, on Wednesday, we built a house. Uh - huh. We built. A house. It was for that same sister, ‘cuz her house was just super old and it was one of those built out of sticks and corrugated tin. So we basically built the same house, but newer, and sturdier. The problem was, the road doesn’t go to her house, ‘cuz its just on the side of some mountain, so we had to haul all the logs and roofing up and down the hills and it was crazy! But fun. Their tool of choice for every job that needed to be done was... a machete. As always :)

    ...And then Thursday was interviews with the President, so we went to a chapel and they fed us and we had interviews. So that was fun. Basically he told me I really need a Latino comp. so probably next change I’ll finally be with a Latino, which will be good, ‘cuz I think I can get by now with my Spanish, but it’ll improve a lot that way. Then Friday was a holiday, kind of like Mardi Gras, so we had to stay in the house till 4:00. So I wrote a bunch of letters to include with the Christmas package I’m sending today, and took a nap.

    Hmm...what else. Oh - it has rained - and when I say rained I mean, POURED - for the past three days, and our umbrellas died last week, so we’ve been getting really wet. REALLY WET. Oh the adventures of a mission! :) I love it.

    Ooh - last night we set two baptismal dates!!!!! I’m pretty stoked! The 20th of November - our fingers are crossed!