Wednesday, November 3, 2010

M: 60/P: 49: Hallowhat???

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I honestly forgot it was Halloween until I passed by a random party that had decorations and signs and all that up. I was literally just thinking, "What are they all dancing for? And why's everyone in orange and black? Are they some sort of company?" I saw the sign for the party. Then when I noticed all the candy I put two and two together.

I'm glad to hear that you all had a good Halloween. How did Liesy's Mushu costume come out? What did Dez, Riss, and her date dress up as? Did you guys do the trunk or treat deal? I haven't gotten the package, yet, but our leaders are a little silly and usually give us mail the day after Preparation Day. As for the seasonal changes, it rains a lot for the moment. After Christmas, summer starts up and it'll just be dry heat. Unless they send me to Boquete, where it's nice and cold.

I'm glad to hear that Grandpa is finally settled in. It is sad that he can't walk now, but you're probably right, Mom. If he can't run around on his own, he probably won't get into as much trouble.

So far, the transfer's been pretty good with Elder Alley. He's very enthusiastic about the work and is ready to work. He's helped to set a good example for me. He's also a pretty funny Elder, too. As a "Bountiful Mormon", it's funny to hear about his totally Mormon high school and all that. He's funny and, once upon a time, was a Star Wars nerd. I imagine I'll probably only be with him for this transfer as it is unusual having two gringos together. I'm hoping he gets the area under his fingers soon.

We've been trying to get long-time investigators progressing this last week. It seems to be working and I think it will be fruitful with time. I sometimes worry if I'm not working fast enough to help people get through the entire conversion process. I'll probably put a little more thought into that to try and improve. We've found a couple more families knocking on doors and they look very positive. I'm really hoping that their enthusiasm is sincere. This next week we'll be focusing on looking for more people to teach as our teaching pool is relatively small. However, this week is a party week, one of the independence days or something, so many people have left to head to the party zones of Panama. I imagine it will mean a lot of empty houses. We'll see what we can do.

I hope that everything on the home front is going well, studies staying sturdy and all that stuff. I pray for you all every night and hope for the best for you all.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

PS I haven't heard anything about Kyle Wingo or Cory Collins, yet. They HAVE to have been sent already to their missions, right? Have you all heard where they went?

Picture and comments below posted by Elder Bryson Alley:
Elder Ascura tracting in Puerto Pilon, Colon

The picture of the Book of Mormon – that’s in Kuna!  Cool huh!  It’s CRAZY!  And it’s a very super basic language - it doesn’t really translate well at all.  Mostly it’s just conveying ideas rather than concrete sentences.  Like the title is “Mormon Kaiya Purba."  It means...well, Mormon, and then Kaiya means like, language or mouth or writing or communication in general, and then Purba means spiritual or Holy Ghost or something like that, so its like, the “Holy Writings of Mormon”... sort of.  It’s crazy!

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  1. From Elder Bryson Alley:

    ...Pinch a pinch a punch, it’s the first day of the month!

    Man - November first. Crazy. Hey - how was Halloween!? It was interesting here. They don’t really celebrate it as much as we do. I think they only have it ‘cuz it’s American. But we didn’t see any trick-or-treaters or anything - there were a few parties we passed though. But the bigger thing for them is [that] this week is one of their Independence days I think, so they’ll party for that.

    Well, still no baptisms, but I think were gonna try and set a date this week with one of our investigators. His name is Ray and his brother was baptized just a few months ago, and now we are teaching him. So we’re hoping he can move along well.

    Yesterday we met a guy at church who I guess was hearing the lessons a while ago, but for some reason the missionaries just stopped going. But he was SUPER interested, he knew basically all about the Book of Mormon, really wanted to read it, and he knew about Joseph Smith and stuff, so we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he really wants to continue the lessons. He is even planning on coming to the Saturday night session of Stake Conference this weekend! So that’s exciting!

    ...So is there snow there in Bountiful yet? It’s just still super rainy here :) My companion is from all over the U.S. sort of, ‘cuz his dad’s in the military, so they moved a lot. But we get along great, he’s fun.

    ...One of the guys we eat with, told us that the Seventy practice the Law of Consecration. I’m pretty sure they don’t. True? Haha, there’s a lot of weird stuff like that down here. I don’t know where people get some of their ideas, but it’s always interesting.:)