Tuesday, October 26, 2010

M:59/P:48: New Companion -- An Amercan...Finally!

Hola Familia,

On the topic of your job, Dad, I can´t really say much. I don´t know what it is the Lord wants for you. And really there´s only one way to find out and it involves getting on your knees (referring to contemplating life beyond the Army).  But that´s kind of what life´s about. Out here in the mission, I´ve had to pick up the pieces from so much. So many plans just have the bottom fall through out here. So, we pick up the pieces and try for the next best option. Especially right now´, but I´ll let you know more about that a little later. I hope everything goes well and that you figure out what it is the Lord would have you do.

On Halloween, Mom, they kind of do celebrate it here. However, it´s an American influence thing, like Christmas in Japan. It´s more commercial. Here, the "Walk to Portobelo to Worship the Black Jesus" thing that they did here about four or five days ago is bigger. I don´t really know what it´s all about but a lot of foreigners came to participate. I´ll try to get a picture of the Black Jesus of Portobelo. In any case, I would appreciate the Peeps. And a picture of Elise as Mushu.

I´m very pleased to hear that everyone´s doing so well in school. Although I can´t say that it should surprise me given that their study habits have always been so much stronger than mine were.

I´m glad that you´ve all been enjoying the family time together. I was beginning to wonder if you were going to get lonely, Dad. I look forward to joining in when my time comes.

As for business out here, another transfer has begun and a lot will obviously be changing this transfer. My new companion is Elder Bryson Alley. He´s from Bountiful, Utah and this is his second transfer out here in Panama. He´s a very obedient elder and his Spanish is remarkably developed given his time here. I hope to learn from the example he sets in his dedication.

With all the new ideas that Elder Falabella gave in the last conference, we will be trying a lot of ideas out this change. I´ve almost forgotten how much people just don´t like to talk with missionaries sometimes. They´re so skiddish that it´s obvious that they´re trying to ditch you. It´s frustrating but it makes me chuckle. We´re hoping to get the ward very involved with us this change to really open up the gold mine of teaching. Pray for me that I don´t botch this.

With all the new things going around, what all with a new companion, new ideas, new levels of obedience, and new challenges, I´m hoping that this change will prove to be very fruitful. Already many people have appeared out of almost nowhere to teach. I´m hoping that we can be the teachers that they need. I´m just hoping I can be patient and dilligent enough to endure to that point. We´ll see what happens, I suppose.

We had a baptism two weeks back, I forgot to mention that. She´s a very strong convert and her story is the classic diamond in the rough story. We´re trying to teach part families and friends and neighbors of the members here in our effort to find people to teach. 

Well, I´m doing well, although, I´ll admit I´m a little stressed. I´m sure that things will even out soon, though. Things here are going to be difficult, but I´m looking forward to finally being able to improve the work here a little bit. I´m hoping that everything there goes well and that you all keep moving on and progressing. I keep you all in my prayers and think of you often...but not too often.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

PS My companion seems to have something called impetigo or something. It´s a skin infection or something. Mom, do you know what it is and how to deal with it?

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