Monday, October 11, 2010

M: 57/ P: 46: Finally, A Testimony

Hola Familia,

Okay, first things first, apparently the person who was going to send the photos wants to FedEx it now because he gets a good deal on it. So if you want photos, as you all undoubtedly do, you'll have to send me a mailing address.

As for Sweden, I can only imagine how a Guamanian guy would do over there. You're completely out of your elements. And eleven bucks for a Big Mac meal? That's ridiculous! But I imagine that's because everything's in Euros.

I'm glad to hear that Mom's doing well and that Grandpa's a little closer. It's a pity, though, that he doesn't seem to be improving at all.

As for Braden's Chem exam, I'm thoroughly impressed but not at all surprised. That kid's got a good head on his shoulders and has always had an easy time breezing through scholastics. He's just got to make sure he doesn't slip up. As for the ref's bad call (referring to BYU-San Diego State where Braden is an SDSU Fan), I hear a lot of that here talking about soccer. You wouldn't believe how many bad calls there were in this World Cup. And I didn't even see much.

Beethoven's house, huh (Referring to Mike's trip to Bonn, Germany where Beethoven grew up, followed by a week in Stockholm, Sweden, where Mike is currently located)? Interesting. It's kind of interesting to see the place where all that music was made. I listen to his stuff a lot out here.

As far as testimony's concerned, it's been a hard fight but I've finally got it nailed down. I've got one. What more can I say?

As for the baptisms, every mission has its challenges, Dad. You went to Hawaii. I'm here in Panama. They're very different places. I'll try to keep things moving smoothly out here.

As for my companion, I think he's going to try to write you all a letter. We'll see how that rolls out. And I've heard they might try to send him home still for treatment. I'm going to try and find out and I'll keep you all posted. I'm sorry not to have written much this week, with thirty minutes I can never seem to get everything done that I want to. I hope things at home are still going well. Keep working hard and don't let things get too crazy. President Uchtdorf gave a very good talk on that Saturday.

Love from your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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