Monday, September 27, 2010

M:55/P:44: Good News For My Companion

Hola Familia,

To start off, my companion, through what I would consider a very lucky stroke, will be staying here. A family from his country has volunteered to pay for his injection treatments. Right now, I´m just waiting for the call that says when he goes in. A little about his condition, the tumor before was benign. It seems to me he´ll have to get these injections regularly to keep this tumor under control. But for the moment, I´ll be staying with him here in Puerto Pilon. As for what the members think of him . . . I´m fairly convinced it´s his energy. The members here didn´t care about elders until this elder got here. But we´ll see what happens.

As for the Island festival, I´m thoroughly surprised about how many Guamanians there were. I had always figured Guamanians to be a very small ethnic group. I´m glad to hear that it was a very good show, though. Pity that I couldn´t see it but I suppose there´s next time. I´ll be waiting to see that shirt.

As for the area, we are teaching people but our teaching pool is somewhat small. We recently had two baptisms. I think that two or three more should happen before the transfer ends. This week was a little slow with my companion sweating bullets about what´s been going on lately. But this week I´m going to see if I can distract him from his problems with work. I´m hoping it proves fruitful. As for my investigators in Las Mañanitas, one Brother finally got baptised and the other ten (the Indian family) are all listening to the Elders. It´s looking very good for at least half the family. As for MTC buddies, I got to run into all five other Panama-bound MTC buddies. Elder Warburton has finally stepped down from Finance Elder and is a District Leader in Chitre, I believe. Elder Stewart and Elder Laidler, I don´t know much about them but they seem to be in good spirits for the moment. Elder Gretsch is the new Finance Elder. Elder Morris is still in San Isidro as a District Leader. They still play soccer for P-Days. All the time, basically. And as for the language, they treat me about the same. It´s just now I understand basically all the Spanish.

As for Grandpa, I hope things improve. I´m still praying for him.

I´m glad to see that the girls are alright up in Oregon and are lending Mom a hand. It always seems like Mom overworks herself. I wish she had a better work schedule but someone´s got to take the nightmare shift, I guess.

As for the photos, I was under the impression that the family had already sent the photos. I guess they were mistaken when they told me they already did it. I´ll jump on that and try to get them sent your way.

Well, I´m not sure I have much else I can say. I´m feeling a little sluggish, but I´m ready to fix stuff up. I hope you all are keeping well up in the States. I pray for you all every day.

Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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