Thursday, September 23, 2010

M:54/P:43: Hump Day: 1 Year Down and 1 More Year To Go

Well, 16 September was Austin's Hump Day, meaning he has passed his halfway point on his mission and is on a roller coaster heading downhill in terms of time.  They say that once you pass your hump day, the time appears as if it is going by faster and faster as you approach the completion of your mission.  Unfortunately, we did not hear from Austin this week.  This has happened once before and it was because the Zone changed its Preparation Day for the week to accommodate another activity or event such as going to the temple.  However, all was not silent this week.  The Mission Presiden't Wife, Sister Ward, posted pictures of some missionaries taken from over the last several weeks so we were able get a glimpse of Austin...washing dishes and clowning around.  But he looks happy and healthy and that is what matters to us the most.  He did say he was in a crime infested area so we are somewhat nervous for his welfare, but also feel assured of his safety just because he is a missionary in the service of the Lord.

Elder Sanchez is Austin's Companion and is the 2nd guy from the right.

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