Monday, September 13, 2010

M:53/P:42: Puerto Pilon, Colon

Hola Familia,

Colón! I´m in Colón! I´m gangsta now!

Well, there´s the new transfer. I´m now in Puerto Pilon, Colón. Colón is generally known in the mission as the crime center of the country. The missionaries in Colón Centro hear the gunfights between rival gangs somewhat frequently. Here in Colón is where I think all the drugs and Jamaicans get into the country. A lot of people get deported from the States back to Colón so a lot of them speak English, too. Fortunately, I´ve been sent to a safer part of the city. My companion is Elder Geovanny Alonzo Sanchez Garcia. Elder Sanchez is Costa Rican. He´s a very upbeat elder and is extremely enthusiastic about the work here. Unfortunately, though, he´s in the city for a little bit on problems of health. It´s been an interesting first week here. I would fill you in but he hasn´t even told his own family, yet, so I´ll tell you all when he does. But for the moment, I´m with the zone leaders. And we´ll be buying a rollaway bed because sleeping on marble tile isn´t so fun. But I wouldn´t let them give me their beds so I can´t blame anyone. But I´ll keep you all posted on what happens here. There´s a lot in the air right now and no one is sure how things are going to turn out.

Well, Dad, if you´re going to be travelling so much, I don´t know if there´s much of a point to getting a home telephone line or cable unless it´s extremely cheap. As for the PS3, I won´t lie, I´d love to inherit that when I get back (hah, fat chance, Kid). But honestly, I´m not sure if it´s the best buy for you. An Xbox 360 can give you about anything a PS3 can at a lower price. A PS3 offers higher game graphics but doesn´t offer too much else other than a couple of exclusive game series that you´re not even into. It´s also a Blu-Ray player, so that counts, too. I´m beginning to forget all my videogame knowledge stuff, so I suppose you could just e-mail one of my buddies and ask them what they think or talk with a store clerk in GameStop on what they think between PS3 vs XBox.

Braden tells me that his classes are pretty easy so far. And that´s EXACTLY what I thought my first semester. But he´s only got one 200 course, so, it shouldn´t be too much for him. I, too, am curious to see how he takes to the college life. I wouldn´t bother him too much, though, on his embarassing parent phase thing, though. Someone in the family has to be the "cool guy", right? But with church, it doesn´t surprise me that the ward´s pretty filled with old people. Lot of people like California for retirement. And with a college so close, I would wager that anyone that can go to the singles ward would.

I´m sorry to hear that Grandpa will be so cut off. But I´m afraid that there´s not much to be done about that now, is there? I hope things go well for him and the family. Katrina´s gettin´ ready to tie the knot, huh? That´s a shame. I kind of had fun telling missionaries I had a single Asian cousin about their age. Oh, well, I´ll live. Where did he serve?

As for schooling I´m thinking that BYU will be mandatory for, at least, the first semester.  But San Diego´s on my list of options. I´m waiting to see what happens as I continue looking through plans.

Well, I´m not sure what else I can talk about. I´ll try to find a member that can help with the pictures but it might not be this week since I´ll be with the zone leaders for a little while. I hope things continue well State-side and that you all are working hard and moving forward. I love you all.

Our missionary apartment in Puerto Pilon, Colon
Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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