Thursday, September 23, 2010

M: 54/P: 43: Companion's Medical Problems

Note: Interesting that Austin would right just after my last entree.

Hola Familia,

First, I´d like to explain the delay. This last P-Day, the zone decided that they wanted to go to the Free Zone that we have here in Colón Centro. The plan was that we would all get there, meet up at an internet place, grab money and get lunch, and then head over to the Free Zone to buy things we obviously don´t need. I was thinking of getting some shirts and pants. Maybe some shoes. But one of our zone leaders apparently didn´t have the money to buy anything so he herded us back to our area and they played soccer. We arrived late over there and they were leaving the internet place as we arrived. So they told us to use internet later. And this week has been a very peculiar one. In the midst of trying to actually get some missionary work done and a very unorganized schedule along with some very depressing news, I haven´t been able to sit down to write until now. Honestly, I´m not even sure if I technically should be here. Probably not, but I´ll just have to make sure I don´t need to do this again.

I´m really sorry to hear about Grandpa. Honestly, it doesn´t surprise me how the workers there reacted; although I am a little surprised to see that Grandpa´s still got a little fight in him. I don´t know if there´s much I can say, really. I´ll keep everyone in my prayers. 

As for your island festival, you shouldn´t be surprised that the Guamanians might not be . . . authentic. I mean, you are in a country of predominantly haole-folk, no? Without studying, we wouldn´t know the difference between a Hawaiian and a Tongan. Which reminds me, you might be able to meet a friend of mine from the mission. I don´t know if he´d be there but a friend recently finished serving here and returned home to San Francisco. I think the festival might be a little far away to involve him, but who knows? His last name is Haupeakui. I never heard his first name. 

As for gangland, like I said, my part is relatively safe. I´m keeping my eyes open, but I usually don´t have to worry about too much according to my companion. As for the members, they take way too much care of us. Mainly because of how much they all like my companion. He´s a very high spirited Elder. Very friendly. Which concerns me because with all Elder Sanchez´s recent problems, I´m afraid that people have forgotten that he has a companion. It´s funny and frustrating at the same time. They give us rides occasionally. They feed us too much. As for weird foods, I´ve only got pork butt, chicken gizzard, and cow liver on my list. And octopus, if that counts as strange food. Has my palette changed any? Thank goodness I started eating salad every day in the MTC to learn to control myself. Now, I´m basically a normal person in terms of my diet. Boney meats, salads, and all. When I go home, I´ll still be so accustomed to eating chicken off the bone that it won´t be a problem. Salads? Salads here aren´t exactly the greatest. Most people use cabbage and carrots and just slosh a bunch of mayonnaise on top and that´s the salad. I laugh about how far I´ve come, too, Dad.

As for what´s going on here, I´ll explain. This week before was a tad slow. This current week is a bit slower. Why? Becuase there´s been a lot that´s been screwing my companion up. To start off, he had a brain tumor a year back. He had to go home and everything to get it treated by injections. The tumor caused him to have massive migraines and seizures. Doctors said he was fine and that it wouldn´t come back. So he returned to the mission. A year later, or more appropriately, about two weeks ago, he had another seizure. I´ve never treated seizures before. That was a really weird experience, let me tell you. We went from clinic to clinic. Until eventually, we just brought him to the biggest hospital that was close by. 

I had to leave him with the President and Area Seventy for a couple days while he went to go get scanned in a special medical clinic in Panama City. The scans showed signs of a cyst developing that could grow into a tumor again. After receiving a blessing and getting scanned again, scans showed nothing. Then three days later, the hospital called us telling us that they had made a mistake and that he still had the cyst. President Ward was furious. 

So, that shook my companion up a lot. Then my companion got his "Dear John". Now, he´s awaiting a call from the president that will tell us if he goes home and won´t return to Panama to seek free medical care in Costa Rica or if he stays here in Panama to receive a costly treatment of injections again. He and I are both fairly sure that he´s probably going to go home. I feel bad for him in that he really wants to finish his two years here in Panama. Moreso when I remember that all the slack´s going to be on me soon.

Honestly, I feel a little lost at the moment. Nothing too serious, but if he goes home, I´m really going to have to straighten up my act. If I don´t, this area´s going to plummet. I suppose I´m just a little nervous with what I consider as a probable outcome. I´m not very good at managing the companionship still and I´m still not entirely sure how to work effectively. So I suppose this will be my opportunity to see what I´m made of, right?

In any case, I hope you all are doing well and are still going to Church every week. I pray for you all every night.

Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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