Monday, August 30, 2010

M:51/P:40: Last Week Before Transfer

Hola Familia,

Hey, everyone! This might be my last week here in Mañanitas.

Well, Mom, reading the Book of Mormon isn´t an easy habit to pick up. Even out here in the mission, making sure to read it everyday is a little difficult sometimes. I would expect that with all the responsibilities and hectic matters of life combined with the distractions that the mission normally cuts out, it could be called a Herculean task. But it´s not impossible. And if it ever feels like you can´t seem to find the time to do it by the end of the day, start reading in the morning. If you make the effort to read the Book of Mormon, even just a little bit every day, you´ll find that you can make the time for it without letting everything fall through.

As for the dog, she had a surgery? What happened? I´m glad to hear that she´s getting better.

I´m glad to hear that the adjustment phase is going well over there in Oregon. Good luck with the new job schedule and don´t overwork yourself.

As for San Diego and the schooling, I can kind of imagine what it was like. I would say that the majority of people were leaving when I entered college but there were a couple that were entering. As for the baggage, it was very similar in Idaho and even the MTC. You´d be surprised how much a rich kid gets left with when he finally splits ways with his parents. A coed dorm? I would definitely cock my eyebrow a bit at that but I won´t say anything. I hope that everything goes well.

As for the new car, I could hardly believe the subject of the e-mail with the pictures. BMW, I thought. Impossible! We´re too cheap for that! But I was wrong. Regardless, whatever I get when I get home is alright. I´m not very interested in getting a super crazy car right now. If it runs fine and it doesn´t destroy my wallet, I´m satisfied...even if it´s a Taurus.

Well, time is very short now, so I´ll try to get something from my end down. The new family that we´re teaching, the big one, all live in that one house. All nineteen of them. Some of them came to church this last Sunday, but I´m not sure if they liked it. I don´t know why they decided to have talks on the temple this week. But I´m worried that they´re only listening to us because they like us. That´s the reason they haven´t thrown us out of their house like all the entire neighborhood is telling them to do. What did you do with cases like this, Dad?

Well, my time is spent. I hope all is going well in California and Oregon. Make the effort to read the Book of Mormon and it will pay off. Promise. And as a missionary, I am authorized to make promises like that. I love you all and will write again in a week.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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