Tuesday, August 24, 2010

M:50/P:39: Things Are Picking Up

Hola Familia,

Another week in the field completed.  Well, Mom, I´m sorry to hear that the date´s been set (for Grandpa). I know that this entire ordeal has been difficult for everyone over there.  If anything ever happens to you in your golden years, we´ll take care of you.   Remember, you´ve got a doctor in the making over there...and doctors mean that there´s gonna be green.

Punching out wrong at work? I suppose I can see how that would cut into the paycheck, but what happened? I don´t imagine that punching in and out should be at all that strange if you´re not spending three hours eating.  I´m glad that the new dog is providing good therapeutic help.

As for the teeth, since entering the MTC, I have brushed, flossed, and rinsed every single day; even bought a gum massager. I´m pretty meticuluous and touchy about my teeth. Hope Des doesn´t get too much silver put in.

Still have to come to work to use internet, eh Dad? Tough break. Braden better take advantage of the target practice while he can (referring to XBOX 360 Sniper Game). And as for the new job, I hope the adjustment phase isn´t too rough. You always seem to make things manage. Although telling people that you work with software isn´t as fun as telling them you make weapons. Enjoy your Eurotrips!

You guys are looking for cars? What happened to the gray one we had? I never heard what happened to it. Pick a winner, Dad, we´re talking about my inheritance here.

Braden got invited for Christmas and Thanksgiving? Wow, that guy is just going to be all over the place, isn´t he? That reminds me, though, do you guys already have plans made for my homecoming holidays? I sometimes wonder where I´ll be then.

Workwise, the week was somewhat mixed. We´re having an extremely hard time getting a hold of a lot of people we thought would be excellent baptismal candidates. So I´m getting a little stressed out as all the plans I had are beginning to fall through the floor. However, the week is also with good news as well. We found a house with 19 people in it. We only talked with 9 or so, but those 9 were extremely positive. We made a very good first impression, so I´m hoping that my companion has a ball with that family after I leave (anticipating a transfer in September after 4 months in the area). We´re also working with members a lot to find the incomplete families that have gone inactive. Here in our half of Mañanitas, there´s an unbelievable amount of less active families, so, there´s a lot to be done here. Mañanitas has a lot of potential. I´m actually kind of sad to see it go now.

On a side note, we found, for a second time, a spider about six or seven inches big in the house. It was hiding in my companion´s shoe. He had absolutely no fear of humans whatsoever. So we took that as a hint that we needed to clean the house. And we burned the garbage. The garbage truck never passes here. It´s a national health problem that they´re trying to fix. So we burned ten bags of garbage.

Hmmm. What else can I recount . . . I´m honestly not sure. I always try to pick out things to put in these letters but I can´t remember what it was I wanted to say when I finally sit down. I´ll try making a written list this week to see if that helps. All in all, it was a surprisingly sobering and difficult week. But, as things often do, with perservering persistence, things improved. I´m looking forward to this week.

Hope things are going well back home and I hope you don´t get too lonely out there, Dad. And as a note, if you guys aren´t reading the Book of Mormon, you should be!  Take care, everyone.

Your Missionary in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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