Monday, August 16, 2010

M:49/P:38: Slow Week

Hola Familia,

When I had found that there wasn´t any e-mails from you all, I figured that it was for the reasons you all mentioned. Waiting for the internet companies, craziness of settling in and adjusting to the new surroundings, and stuff like that. I don´t take it too personally. I´m pretty chill like that.

Anyways, it´s good to hear from you all. This last week has been fairly interesting in how it´s turned out. Although I feel I´m going to have to stretch a little further to make my plans work here in Mañanitas. But first, about you guys.

Looking forward to the package with the shoes. I bought a pair of shoes but they´ve already got a hole in the bottom. They look nice and work fine. I just still get wet. Regardless, it´ll be nice to have some products from the USA on my feet. I can´t really think of much else to ask for. Most of the things I´d like that I don´t have are things I shouldn´t have. Like a PSP or a 360 or something like that. So I don´t think sending me that would be a good idea. Don´t worry too much about sending me stuff.

As for Grandpa, is he still at the farm? I was under the impression that it was decided that he´d go to the nursing home. I hope he´s still doing alright and that the issue doesn´t tear everyone apart.

As for your new job, Mom, I´m slightly surprised that it would be that big of a jump in the technology. I would´ve thought that the East Coast and West Coast would be pretty even on stuff like that. I hope that the adjustment phase continues to improve.

A new dog? Bailey? I definitely don´t remember that dog. But that´s alright, I guess. If she´s friendly it doesn´t matter. Even if it isn´t the doberman I wanted. I hear she´s well received in the family.

As for San Diego, glad to hear that your adjusting well out there and that you´re partying it up with your buddies. And you found a Chamorro grill out there? Wow, I never would´ve thought you´d find that nearly anywhere.

Spice up life? Whoa, that sounds like a mid life crisis line if I ever heard one. Wait, you´re going to be out there for three years? I definitely missed that detail; I thought it was only one. Oh boy. Well, I wouldn´t be opposed to a sweet ride (referring to the 'toy car' I am planning to buy). Buuuuuut I´ll be switching the music out (Guamanian music) on that baby in a heartbeat. Not everyone on campus has to know I´m Chamorro.

You guys let Braden go to New Jersey alone? Wow, you weren´t kidding when you said you would be stricter with me than everyone else, were you? Anywho, hope that he enjoys his time out there and doesn´t do anything foolish. I would imagine things would get pretty quiet out there, though, without Braden asking for money. But you can never play too much 360, right? I recommend the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 though. Braden bought it, so it should be somewhere out there. I´ll have to show you all how it´s done out there when I get back, though. I´ll school you guys without even warming up.

Fishing, huh? You just can´t keep away from the ocean, can you Dad? Kind of like my mission president. He was a big surfer before coming out here. Anywho, don´t get too sick. I don´t know how deep sea fishing would be.

Well, I´m definitely starting to run low on time. I´ll make sure to use the ideas that are possible in this area. I´m thinking I´m thinking that I´m starting to get the hang of teaching better.

The work here? Summed up as "I need to visit more houses." Hope you all are keeping well. Sorry to not talk much about stuff out here.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

Lunch after interviews with the Mission President

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