Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M:48/P:37: Looking to Spice Up Teaching Methods

Hola Familia,

To start, there´s a little good news in one of the families in this area. I don´t know if I mentioned it before, but there was a family we visited a while back. However when we visited, the lady basically threw us out because she said she wouldn´t have anything to do with the Church. I had figured that she was resolutely never going to come back and considered looking into those papers of renunciation. She´s a fairly stubborn lady by nature and I figured we would never be able to get in the door to explain. But I was mistaken. And I´m quite glad I was. On a whim, we passed by just to see what would happen. Turns out she really missed the Church and had no hard feelings. She just couldn´t continue to pay tithing without a job. So we quickly explained everything about tithing and she´ll be coming back to church this Sunday. And we´ll be teaching one of her older sons. High five for finding future priesthood bearers!

Oh, I just remembered. I recently recieved a package from the ward in New Jersey. It was labeled "Scripture Care Package". It was filled with candy and other assorted foods/other general care needs. But the best part was all the scriptures attached to everything. There were more puns than I thought you could find. I mean, those were jokes on the same level of those that Dad tells. And I happen to really like puns and bad jokes. It was a really pleasant surprise and I´ll have to now do something particularly special to show my gratitude. I´m still working on what it´s going to be.

This week, work-wise, was really slow. Many of the appointments fell through or were very late and the schedule got thrown all over the place. Combined with a little laziness made for a mediocre at best week. But that´s the miracle of repentance, isn´t it? I suppose I´ve got one more scolding to go in the week for it but the next week will be much better. On the plus side, however, we are finding more people to teach and finding more ways to get the members involved in the work. So the week wasn´t a complete loss. Regardless, things still need to improve.

Ah, other good news. One of our recent converts didn´t die. We were almost sure he was going to. He had gotten sick and we haven´t seen him for the last two months. But he seems to be better, although we couldn´t find him on Sunday to bring him to church. Regrettably, he hasn´t given up his smoking. He still hides a pipe in his back pocket. But we´ll be teaching his wife soon and she´ll be able to help us with that. Regardless, it´s good to see him again. Most people don´t do so well with dengue fever. I wouldn´t think that elderly people would live through it.

Well, I´m sorry that my letter this week is lacking in content. I could complain about a member who´s constantly pestering me to play Warcraft 3 with him but I don´t think it´s a good way to use the space. Just for a reference his name starts with "N" and rhymes with "Noriel". Whoops, I totally did not just say his name right there. He´ll be reading this later. I´m not sure why, but he likes reading my letters now. I hope you all are keeping well and staying strong. I´ll look for more to write in my letter next week.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

PS: Hey, Dad, my lessons are starting to get boring. I could use a tip on pepping it up a bit. And I know you´re good for it.

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