Monday, July 26, 2010

M:46/P:35: The Work Moves On

Hola Familia,

Well, another transfer has drawn to a close. Now, this one might be a little short as I´ve been a little drawn out in using my time today.

First off, an explanation. The possibility of extending my mission? Someone else did it. I don´t know why but upon thinking about the idea it sounded interesting. I´m still not sure on it. In any case if I did do it, it would allow you to visit the country at a time that wasn´t winter. And the winter rain here makes activities a little troublesome. Secondly, making a member mad. I joked with her and left the room "angry"-like. She got angry. According to her grandchild, though, she´s waiting for us to come back and is no longer angry. My companion says she´s likely trying to make us squirm and beg for forgiveness. However, she does not know how prideful and stubborn we Ascuras are! I´ll keep you informed on the situation.

As for the shoes, I would appreciate it. I´m probably going to buy another pair soon here simply because I´ve worn the two I have ragged.

Pictures? I´m going to try and get another disc made and get it in the mail. Plus could you send me the e-mail address of Bishop Nielsen? I imagine you still have it. I´d like to at least send one letter to him and the ward in New Jersey.

As for achievements for the week, we had another baptism, although not really a convert baptism. Just a member who had a daughter of nine years of age. The interesting thing, though, is that I had a hole in my pants. You could fit a football through it. Imagine me running around organizing the baptism with a notebook covering my backside. It was pretty funny. Stories from the mission, right? The next transfer should yield a great deal of success, so I expect more stories for you all soon.

As for the cooking experience, that was a lot of work. And food. We had enough to eat for two days. Are you sure that was for four people? In any case, the members here loved the kelaguen (Chicken mixed with coconut, onions, peppers, and lemon) and the soup (chicken and vegetables). I´ll be making Spam and eggs today for a different family.

Well, my time is basically run. Sorry for not writing so much. I hope you all are keeping well. I´m learning to enjoy the silly hardships that come with the mission. Sorry to hear the things are getting so rough up there. Good luck in California. You all are in my prayers.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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