Monday, July 19, 2010

M: 45/P: 34: In the Dog House

Hola Familia

Well, Mom, I didn´t think it would take you too long to get a hold of a job. You already did it one time and I would expect it to be much harder in New Jersey than out there in Oregon. As for Grandpa, I hope everything goes well in taking care of him. I´ve heard that he seems to be doing a little better. Your efforts look to be rendering results. I also hope you don´t overwork yourself. You´ve got a habit of doing that.

Adventures for the week . . . well, Dad, you aren´t the only guy in the dog house. A couple weeks back I made a recent convert very angry by accident. Yesterday we visited to deliver a letter from the missionary who baptised her. She closed the door on us without even talking. So we sent the letter in with her grandchild when he left to buy something at the corner store. I honestly don´t think she should´ve gotten angry, but we´ll see if the letter softens her up a bit. I´m hoping so, but apparently she´s a loose cannon and gets upset extremely easily according to my companion.

Speaking of cooking, I had intended to cook for that family here today, but my companion, as he often does, scheduled something else for the day without asking me anything. So I´ve decided to buy the ingredients today and cook Wednesday when normally they´d serve us dinner. I´m going to try the Guam Soup and Kelaguen. Which reminds me, getting coconut all nice and fine like you do it at home is really hard without that stick of yours. I practiced with a cheese grater. Takes a long time.

I´m glad to hear that the house work is moving along. I saw the two pictures and noticed that you´re starting to grow out the beard. I almost didn´t recognize you for a moment. Landscaping and stuff like that is often what we do for service here. Moving cinderblocks for the house wall, digging a hole for a septic tank, moving the dirt from the hole away from the hole, cutting lawns with machetes . . . stuff like that. I look forward to seeing the Ascura abode soon.

Hearing that the girls have transitioned well doesn´t surprise me. It becomes second nature with all the practice we´ve had. Uh-oh, time´s running short. Gonna have to work fast. Des has to remember the fat lady´s part so she can show me when I come home (referring to a skit Des did at Girl's Camp). As for Braden, I´m pretty unsure, too. Don´t let go too much.

Well, I´m about out of time. There never seems to be the time I want when I have a lot to say.

I´ve actually got 14 months left. I counted the changes wrong. I´ve actually recently seriously considered lengthening my time. Still thinking on that. As for the baptisms, it´s not the results that bother me but the process.

Love you all and hope you´re keeping well.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Micahel Ascura

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