Monday, July 12, 2010

M: 44/P:33: More Baptisms

Hola Familia,

Glad to hear that things are going well with the settling in. I´m beginning to forget things about the States but I remember that the moves were always hectic. I hope that you get all the things you need done by the men before they head out. After all, it´s only fair, right? I did it when I was at home.

I´m glad to hear the neighbors are nice. The dog business doesn´t surprise me much, though. Here, the people don´t even care. But then again, there´s dogs everywhere. My vote probably doesn´t count for much for the dog, but I vote Doberman. They´re nicer than you think, Mom. And they´d keep the neighbors´ dog away, I think. But if you end up with a wiener dog and the brownies don´t work, I think a bear trap would be most effective.

I´m also glad, although not at all surprised, to hear that the family is so well-received for the big move. Although, I have always thought that it was strange that we were so much older than everyone else. Except Aunt Laura´s kids. They´re bigger than I am now. Who´d have thought?

As for Spanish speakers in the ward, a lot of people go Latin-side for their missions, so it doesn´t surprise me that there´ll be a lot of us. But it´ll provide good practice after the mission, something that a lot of missionaries lament about as their Spanish leaves them. We have actually found a couple more families. I expect two baptisms by the end of July and a possible six or so in August. The rest of the prospective baptisms will likely be in September. I will also likely be here in Tocumen for the next transfer. My companion, Elder Luquez has been here longer than I have and is much more likely to be transfered out. The work here has picked up, but we need to shape up as a companionship to accomodate all the people who seem ready to be baptised soon. We aren´t visiting them as often as we should, but I´m hoping that we´ll remedy that this week.

As for the cooking experience, I´ll likely do it this coming Monday. I´m not yet completely prepared and I´d like to maybe test a couple things before actually serving them the dishes. I´ll keep you posted on how well-received it is. But yesterday, we had a bit of an activity after church for some very positive investigators and some recent converts. We met at a member´s home and had pizza while watching The Testaments. Afterwards we played a couple games that I´d never heard of. I had to do the macarena as a punishment in one of them. They practically cheated to make me do it. Too bad they didn´t get it on camera. They said I did it well. It was fun, but it cut into a lot of the work time.

Well, I´m drawing to the end of my rope on what I can write for this last week. I hope that everything continues smoothly and that you all are keeping well and strong in the faith. I´ll make sure to keep Grandma and Grandpa in my prayers.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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