Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mission Week 39/Panama Week 28: Temple Day

Hola Familia,

I´m not in changes, don´t worry, don´t worry. We got to go to the temple today so P-Day was on Wednesday instead of Monday, although Monday might have well have been P-Day. Nothing got done.
Nevertheless, going through the temple was an interesting experience. Doing the work there in Spanish felt a little odd because I had become so accustomed to it in English before. Although, it proved to be a very rewarding experience. I think I might have learned some interesting things after the temple work when I just pondered sitting inside.

Afterwards we visitted a part of the Panama Canal. I basically know how it works now. It proved to be a very interesting exhibit, overall, especially because we were able to watch a couple ships pass through. Quite an interesting piece of human work, there, and valuable as well.

I got the Peeps package. They were a little stale, but American confectionaries are always very welcome here. I think the other packages will arrive timely and I most likely will not be going anywhere.

I´m glad to hear that the move has more or less gone smooth and that the transition looks to be without unpleasant surprises laying in wait.  I would imagine that Mom would be very excited to finally LIVE in Oregon after all this time. I mean, wouldn´t you be pretty happy if you got to live in Guam? Well, maybe that´s not a good example. What if they came to live close to you?  I think you might like that.

I saw the pictures of Prom, winter, Rednecks, and Braden´s tattoo. Braden´s looking schnazzy, although I thought things with Chelsey had kind of fallen by the wayside. Liese´s looking cute, but given she resembles me so much, that shouldn´t be a surprise. I had a good laugh at the Redneck oven. As for the tattoo, I don´t know if I would´ve gone with that font but we´ll see how things go from here, right?

As for work here, being week six of the transfer, it´s likely that this will be somewhat of a slow week. But we´ll have two baptisms tomorrow that likely won´t go inactive. One is a 97 year old lady that wants me to bring her to the States. Both my companion and I will have to work together to baptise her. The other is an elderly man about sixty or seventy years old. We´ve been trying to baptise these two for weeks but the man had a problem with tobacco and the woman just disappeared for a week and a half or so. There´s the wife of the man that listens to us, but it might be a little difficult to progress with her. The relationship between him and her has been a little rocky.

Well, I won´t lie, but my CD of pictures still isn´t in the mail. But it is written. I will try to get that out the door this next Monday paired with the long-due letter for the ward.

I hope things are going well for you all and that you enjoy the summer. Out here it´s winter and my body still feels like I should be in summer break. It´s a little unnerving, honestly, but I´ll get used to it. I hope. Keep me in your prayers.

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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