Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Week 36/Panama Week 25: Depressed in Mananita

Hola Familia
Well, week 2 has come and gone of this transfer and I´m feeling pretty beat. But I´m alright. There´s something particularly odd about this area that has a bit of a depressing effect on me, but I can´t figure out what it could possibly be that´s making me feel that way. Anyway . . .

As for matters of testimony, I´ve just gotten used to the fact that maybe an earth-shattering thing isn´t something that would help me as much. For me it´s somewhat weird because a warm fuzzy feeling isn´t it, either. But I´m not really as worried about it now.  As for excercises . . . getting up in the morning is tough as it is. Now to do excercises? Well, I´ll see what I can do.

As for the house, I saw the pictures and it´s looking pretty good. Although, Mom, as much as I know you´d love for me to come back and live in Oregon with you all, I don´t know if that´s going to happen. We´ll see, but just a heads up. Thanks for the compliment on the Spanish. I´d love to work a little as a translator while in college and hope that I can make it happen. I did write to Spencer but he hasn´t responded. I don´t know if he´s not used internet yet or what. You did say it was, right?

An apartment by the beach, eh, Dad? Convenient. As for the fun experiences in Oregon, did you really think things were going to go down differently? At least you know you have a little something something to bring to the table out there in Oregon, right? I´m sure that everyone appreciates all that you do for them out there.

Well, a little bit about the work out here . . . the weeks have been rough. Adjusting to this area is really difficult and I don´t know why. One problem I have is that many of our investigators who are preparing for baptism are very spiritually weak and I feel like will just inactivate as soon as they´re dipped. We have one baptism scheduled this week: a 15 year old. Soon we have a 97 year old lady that wants to be baptised and wants me to bring her to the States. I´m just worried about breaking her back while baptising her. I´ll keep you all on top of it all.

Well, that about covers all of it. I´m a little worried about dengue right now because I killed a mosquito the size of a quarter. My Nicaraguan comp says that that´s the kind that has dengue. We´ll see. I´m feeling a little sick, so I´m hoping it´s not anything bad. Keep me in your prayers and take care!

Your Elder in Panamá,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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