Monday, May 3, 2010

Mission Week 34/Panama Week 23: Assignment 4: Tocumen

¡Buenas Tardes, Familia!
Alright, where to begin? Well, I´m glad to hear that the move is almost underway. I´m sorry that I can´t be there to help with all the manual labor, but I would guess that Braden can handle it now with how ripped he´s getting, yes? De-cluttering has always been a weakness of our family. We just like our stuff too much. I wish I could offer some sort of insight to help along on that, but I don´t think I can. As for the move to Oregon, I think you´ll fit in alright, Mom, despite the many years of being absent there.

Mormon Prom, come and gone. Well, if Riss feels bad about her big night, at least she had a date for hers. The girl I asked said no; I just had twelve guys! But the important thing is to enjoy the night out among your friends during a time of your life that will never be the same in a couple years. High school is still too young to be getting into serious relationships. And I can testify that the dating pools in Idaho are quite ferocious. Men don´t come back single. Although I do feel a little bad if the night was a little disappointing.

Braden´s Eagle Project is finally finished? I hope there aren´t any surprise hitches. I did get to look through the pictures, although, I strangely didn´t feel like I recognized nearly anyone. Sorry I couldn´t have been there.

A talent show crash? Sorry to hear that your act had some hiccups. I´m sure the next opportunity will prove more fruitful. The first talent show the missionaries had out here was a catastrophe. The second one somewhat close to it. I did magic in the second one and I think the people liked it. I don´t remember if I mentioned that before. Dad, just you wait ´til you get here. You´ll hear all the musics of Panamá.

Adrian: I don´t know why he has his age set there. He´s 15. And I can´t hit him now because I´m in a different zone now.

Uh oh. They didn´t give me as much time as I thought. Sorry to wrap this up in a hurry.

I´ve been moved to Tocumen, very close to the airport. What a torture. But I hear the area´s good. My new companion is Elder Luquez.

I´m going to call this Sunday for Mother´s day at 8 or 9 PM. If it doesn´t get through, I´ll be calling the Monday afterwards.

I hope you all are keeping well and working hard. You guys are in my prayers.

Your Elder that lives close to an airport,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura.

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