Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission Week 31/Panama Week 22: Things Are Looking Up...

Hola Familia!
P-Day has once again rolled around and the last week has proved to be fairly hectic.

First off, I did receive the package with the cards and candy. I got to teach some Latin kids what Peeps are. I think they like them. Which reminds me, if there´s Latin kids asking to be your friends on facebook, they´re members in my ward. I believe it was Adrian Rojas that was trying to be your friend.

That´s right, you guys are beginning to move! When exactly were you going to begin and when do you expect to be out of New Jersey? I hope the moving process doesn´t take too much of a toll on you both. As for the birthday party, I´m glad to hear that everything went well. And that you won´t have to worry about another sweet sixteen for two years.

Braden´s Eagle project, huh? Time´s running short on that. I´m not sure if I can provide many ideas on how to get more bulk in to make sure it gets through. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that everything gets through all right.

Back to Afganistan again? Well, I heard from Mom that you´ve been grounded for a while due to the ash in Europe. I actually heard that there have been some earthquakes out in California. Stuff going crazy over there or what?

Well. Things here have been fairly interesting over the last week. Many of our investigators (I´m sorry if the term bothers you but your alternative is quite a mouth full) are actually showing signs of progression. Even people that I was about to give up are now actually appearing like they might do something. Even the one lady who wasn´t sure on eternal marriage might be changing her mind a bit. I´m beginning to get the hang of planning for all the things that we have to do and I´m thinking that the next change in this area, whether I´m here or not, will see some good success.

As for the Sisters, the relationship between them is a little stressed and I don´t know if they´re going to resolve it. But at least now I´m not babysitting them. They are operating almost completely on their own now.

I now have the impression that the Mission President has very high expectations and hopes for me. And I´m not really very sure why, although I am a little flattered. My companion told me that the Mission President is using him to help me unlock my full potential. I´ll try to measure up to the position I´ve been given and look forward to the opportunity to learn and grow.

Well, I think that covers the bulk of what´s been going on this week. I hope you all keep well and work hard. You´re in my prayers. And I will get that letter to you the next P-Day.
Your Elder in Panama
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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