Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mission Week 30/Panama Week 21: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary.  I remembered, I promise!  Happy 25th.

My experience in the temple was a surprising one and still a very confounding one.  Why something so small and generally dismissable has such a profound effect on me still is a bit of a mystery.  But I'm sure it's really not as important to understand that much.  Needless to say, it has given me a little food for thought on the topic.  But thinking about my own possible future family isn't something I try to dwell on too much.  I figure if a goofy couple like you and Dad can make it work, I can get something together when the time comes. 

Mormon Prom?  When did that happen?  Well, I've got to hand it to him (Harry Wagstaff), that's a good use of his job.  I haven't actually heard of that being done on a pizza before (Harry asked Carissa to the Mormon Prom at church by making a Dominoe's pepperoni pizza, which was arranged in a way that spelled PROM?). And he's going to BYU-Idaho?  Good luck out there...Well, I hope that Riss enjoys Prom; at least she has a date.

As for the work here, there's excellent news and there's not-so-execellent news.  The not-so-excellent news is that one family we were teaching and had extremely high hopes for justs revealed that eternal families isn't something they're so attached to.  That was a bit of a gamebreaker.  Sunday was a tough day.  I almost lost it at least five or six times.  We're going to be working very hard with this family.  The excellenet news, though, is that we received 12 references (referrals) from a member and learned that he is very eager to help with the mission work.  And so you know, 12 references is about the equivalent of two weeks IF people give you them a lot.  Half of them we've already talked to and they seem very eager to listen.  The others, we'll be visiting with him and we're hoping they're as eager to learn as the first half. 

As for work here in general, the numbers this week were considerably low and I will be working today to try and organize my plans and work to avoid this happening again.  Adjusting to leadership is still proving a testing and trying task as everyone seems to look to me for whatever thing they don't personally know.  We'll still be doing a little babysitting, but I'm hoping that by next week I can ween them off and get them to do everything themselves.  But we'll see.  Anyways, I think I'm finally beginning to understand how to be a leader here and am improving as a missionary as well.  Getting to know my companion is certainly a bit of an oddball, to say the least.  But he's very likable for the most part, so it's not so bad.  As for dealing with the Nicaraguan sister, she generally doesn't bother me as much and I think she's beginning to mellow out a bit, but we'll see how that goes.   She still always expects me to know what she wants and to be prepared to carry out all her orders.  Dealing with her, adjusting to leadership, all the while with a new mission plan being put into effect in the ward makes things a little difficult sometimes.  But I'm not so worried about it, even if it does drive me to the ends of my mind.

Senior trip to Panama?  There's a word here to describe what I think might happen, and that word is Ponchera.  It means punchbowl, but here, they use it to describe something that breaks rules, more or less.  I do find it kind of funny that Dad seems to want to get here as much as I might want to leave.   Why doesn't he just wear the nametag awhile?  My Spanish is still improving and I'll also be putting into effect a better language study plan to try and widen the horizon of what I can say.

Well, I think that covers the most part of what's coming up.  Interviews are in two days (See next entry on explanation of Interviews).  I got the music and will be buying a CD player and speakers today.  Many thanks for the note, Sister Dezzeo!  I'll try to put the advice to practice.

You all are in my prayers and I hope you all are keeping well.

Your Elder in Panama
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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