Monday, March 15, 2010

Mission Week 26/Panama Week 17: Glitch in the Email

Last week the church upgraded the LDS email accounts and I think there are some glitches in the system.  We sent Austin 3 letter emails over the week that never made it to his email account, which I verified by logging onto his email account.  As you can see, there is some stress and frustration, not just for him, but for us as well, when he doesn't receive mail.   But we sent him a pouch mail thru, explaining the delays in email, and hope it gets to him by next P-Day.

Hola Familia,
Did you write me this week?

I'm not sure there's much to write about this week, so this one will be very brief.  Regardless, I didn't have any messages in my mailbox, so did you all write me at all or what?  Anyway, if you all have successfully dealt with my account change thing, please verify if it works and send me the log in information.  I can't seem to get in from here.

I received a call from the Mission President this week and it seems I will be staying in Chorrera.  However, I think he might have implied that I won't be receiving a new companion, which is slightly odd as Elder Castillo already has three or four changes here.  Sisters will be coming to replace the two elders pulled from here and will be taking our house.  So we'll have to move our stuff to the other house we've been preparing.  I guess we should have made it a little nicer. 

Well, sorry for the lack of pictures this week.  I forgot my camera.  I'll get them next week.  Hope you all are keeping well; you are in my prayers.

Your Elder in Panama,
Elder Austin Michael Ascura

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