Friday, February 26, 2010

Mission Week 23/Panama Week 14: MTC Buddy Moves In

Hola Familia,
This last week has proved to be a little fruitful as I think we´ve got someone who´s a true blue investigator who´s ready to be baptised. I´ll keep you all up on the news.

Carnaval was actually very boring. Everyone left town. We didn´t really get anything done.

My clothes are starting to develop stains that aren´t going away. And finding white dress shirts here so far has proven to be next to impossible.

Having Elder Morris here over the last week has been helpful as he and I have shared some good laughs at some of the stuff that´s gone down. He´s digging pretty good into the half of the area we had but never did much with. Wow. Uh, I guess this e-mail won´t have much in it than what I initially intended.

I love you both and thank you for having looked out for me for the many years I was entrusted in your care. I know I was number one and you both didn´t really know how to handle a kid, let alone a curve ball like me. I hope you all are keeping well.

Your Son,
Austin Ascura

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